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Kose Cosmeport CoenRich Q10 whitening Medicated Moist Gel Cream, Hand & Finger with Coenzyme Q10 Light gel hand cream, 80g

  • Triple effect: moisturizing, whitening, and anti-aging
  • Contains high-frequency microcapsules Enzyme (ubidecarenone) for elasticity
  • Hyaluronic acid and glycerin for hydration
  • Niacinamide for skin whitening and prevention of age spots and freckles
  • Pleasant texture that is lightweight and absorbs quickly
  • Light floral scent
  • Made by Kose Cosmeport
  • Originates from Japan
    • Introducing the Kose Cosmeport CoenRich Q10 Whitening Medicated Moist Gel Cream, Hand & Finger with Coenzyme Q10 Light Gel Hand Cream in an 80g size. This product offers a triple effect, providing moisturization, whitening, anti-aging properties, and protection against external factors.

      The high-frequency microcapsules containing Ubidecarenone (Coenzyme Q10) work to make the skin elastic, restoring its former beauty to your hands. With deep penetration, hyaluronic acid and glycerin provide excellent hydration. Niacinamide, found in the formula, helps whiten the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin, preventing age spots and freckles.

      The texture of this gel cream is extremely pleasant, lightweight, and absorbs quickly. It leaves a delicate floral scent and provides a soothing sensation.

      The Kose Cosmeport brand is the manufacturer of this product, which originates from Japan.