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SHISEIDO Ma Cherie Perfect Shower Moist Hair Mist Spray for moisturizing the hair, 250ml

  • SHISEIDO Ma Cherie Perfect Shower Moist Hair Mist Spray
  • Moisturizes the hair
  • Prevents tangling of hair during sleep
  • Protects hair against static and heat damage
  • Contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, honey, and hydrolyzed conchiolin
  • Non-sticky and lightweight formula
  • Prevents absorption of hair odors
  • Can be used before blow-drying or as a bedtime treatment
    • Introducing the SHISEIDO Ma Cherie Perfect Shower Moist Hair Mist Spray, a must-have for moisturizing your hair. This 250ml spray is designed to transform your hair, leaving it smooth, tangle-free, and beautifully moisturized.

      Not only does this spray protect your hair from static and heat damage during blow-drying, but it also contains the powerful combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E (tocopherol), honey, and hydrolyzed conchiolin to provide intense nourishment and treatment for damaged or dry hair.

      Unlike other products, our Hair Mist Spray does not create stickiness or weigh down your hair. It even prevents the absorption of unpleasant hair odors, keeping your locks fresh and vibrant all day long.

      To use, simply spray evenly from the roots to the tips of dry or damp hair from a distance of 10-15 cm before using a hairdryer or curling iron. You can also apply it before bedtime for silky and gorgeously styled hair in the morning.

      It is no wonder that the Spray Ma Cherie has received high praise from Japanese consumers, with a rating of 5.1 points. In fact, it is ranked third among all styling products on the renowned cosme.net portal.

      Made by SHISEIDO, a trusted manufacturer, the Ma Cherie line is known for its quality and effectiveness. This Hair Mist Spray is proudly crafted in Japan, ensuring the highest standards of excellence.

      Experience the complete range of SHISEIDO Ma Cherie products by checking out the link below. Transform your hair with the Ma Cherie Perfect Shower Moist Hair Mist Spray today!