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Lunasol Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner N Intellectual liquid eyeliner

  • Lunasol Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner N is an intellectual liquid eyeliner by Kanebo
  • The liner consists of two parts: the refill and the holder, each sold separately
  • The perfect eyeliner for precise and long-lasting application
  • Manufactured by Kanebo in Japan
  • Part of the Lunasol line of products by Kanebo
  • Suitable for creating various looks and styles
  • High-quality and reliable eyeliner solution
  • Can be purchased individually or as part of the Lunasol line from Kanebo
    • Introducing the Lunasol Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner N - the ultimate liquid eyeliner that guarantees perfect precision! Please note that this liner is composed of two parts - the refill and the holder - which are sold separately.

      Created by renowned manufacturer Kanebo, this eyeliner belongs to the coveted Lunasol line. Originating from Japan, Lunasol is known for its exceptional quality and innovative beauty products. We invite you to explore the entire Lunasol collection from Kanebo by clicking here.

      Achieve flawlessly defined eyes with the Lunasol Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner N. Don't miss out on this must-have beauty tool!