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Kanebo Lunasol Lighting Eyes eyeshadow

  • Kanebo Lunasol Lighting Eyes eyeshadow
  • Long-lasting formula that does not smudge or fade
  • Palette with a variety of colors for daily creative looks
  • Manufactured by Kanebo
  • Part of the Lunasol line
  • Made in Japan
  • Find the entire Lunasol line from Kanebo
    • Introducing the Kanebo Lunasol Lighting Eyes eyeshadow, a long-lasting and smudge-proof formula. This eyeshadow stays put all day, ensuring a stunning look that stays fresh. With a versatile palette of colors, you can effortlessly create a new, vibrant image every day. Manufactured by Kanebo in Japan, this eyeshadow is part of the Lunasol line. Explore the full range of Lunasol products from Kanebo for even more beauty options.