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  • Compact pressed powder with three matte shades
  • Includes rouge, highlighter, and bronzer
  • Highlights nose line and emphasizes cheekbones
  • Visually reduces area of forehead
  • Gives face a three-dimensional effect
  • Hides imperfections and gives skin a healthy look
  • Available in a single shade 01
  • Made in Japan by Kanebo
    • Introducing the KANEBO LUNASOL MODELING FACE COMPACT - a compact pressed powder designed for face modeling. This compact includes three matte shades, including rouge, highlighter, and bronzer.

      With the KANEBO LUNASOL MODELING FACE COMPACT, you can easily enhance your features and achieve a three-dimensional effect. Highlight your nose line, emphasize your cheekbones, and visually reduce the area of your forehead. This compact also helps to hide imperfections and leaves your skin looking healthy and radiant.

      The KANEBO LUNASOL MODELING FACE COMPACT is available in a single shade, 01.

      This compact contains high-quality ingredients such as talc, mica, and magnesium myristate. It also includes nourishing components like olive oil and tocopherol.

      Manufactured by Kanebo, a reputable brand known for its exceptional quality, the KANEBO LUNASOL MODELING FACE COMPACT is part of the Lunasol line. It is made in Japan, ensuring superior craftsmanship.

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