Tokyo Tower Vs Eiffel Tower: Where Do They Differ? | 7 Differences Between Tokyo Tower and Eiffel Tower

Tokyo Tower Vs Eiffel Tower: Where Do They Differ? | 7 Differences Between Tokyo Tower and Eiffel Tower

Jun 06, 2024Jon Ng

While the Tokyo Tower and Eiffel Tower look the same they have some major differences. Here's a blog on Tokyo Tower Vs Eiffel tower where we explore the differences between the two towers, why were they built and more. Check it out!

Eiffel tower is a symbol of love where thousands of people get on their knees!

Yes, everyone is familiar with this iconic place, and I am sure you are too.

But, did you hear about Tokyo tower? Well, if you have ever visited Japan or even planning a trip, you may have discovered this spot already.

And if you have seen the Tokyo tower either in real life or in the picture, you noticed that both the Eiffel tower and this one look quite similar.

Even though they look like a reflection in the mirror, there are several differences between these two.

Therefore, if you are interested in finding out where they differ, I am presenting a detailed Tokyo tower vs. Eiffel tower comparison.

Eiffel Tower Vs. Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower stands at 333m high, about 3m taller than the Eiffel Tower (330m), and offers stunning city views from the highest observation deck at 250m. The Eiffel Tower, meanwhile, is a more subtle option and was built in 1889 using 300 tonnes of steel.

Both towers have been a source of national pride, with the Tokyo Tower becoming a symbol of Japan’s post-war economic resurgence in 1958. The Eiffel Tower, on the other hand, is a much more tranquil and romantic symbol, though both have served as symbols of architectural excellence for more than a century.

Ultimately, both towers are excellent attractions and are must visit sights for anyone visiting their respective cities.

Before getting deeper into the comparison of both towers, why not get introduced to them individually.

I guess you already have a slight idea, but maybe you are still missing out on some interesting facts.

So, let’s start our discussion by learning about them one at a time.

Introduction to Tokyo Tower: One of Japan’s Pride

Situated in the center of Tokyo, Japan, this tower was designed by Tachū Naitō. The construction of the tower started in 1957 and ended in 1958.

It was created based on the Eiffel tower design. And that’s why the Tokyo tower is called the Japanese Eiffel tower.

Tokyo tower in Japan

However, its birth has a symbolic reason and holds a special place in the heart of our Japanese people.

It is a symbol of Japan’s post-war rebirth as a significant economic power. Tokyo tower was our country’s tallest structure until 2012 when the Tokyo sky tree surpassed it.

Japan's one of the tallest structure

As you may know, Tokyo is one of the highest visited cities in Japan, and this tower plays a major role in drawing visitors.

It is one of the most famed monuments that attracts over 5 million tourists annually. Even it appears in several movies and TV shows, adding more fame.

Tourist attraction tokyo tower

In addition to being a famous tourist spot, Tokyo tower also serves as a broadcast antenna.

Okay, let’s get introduced to Eiffel Tower now.

Introduction to Eiffel Tower: The Symbol of The City of Paris

The Eiffel Tower is a wrought-iron tower situated in Paris, France. It is named after Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built it.

It has a local nickname, “La dame de fer” (means Iron Lady in French).

Eiffel Tower in Paris

This tower was Constructed from 1887 to 1889 for the Exposition Universelle (a world fair held in Paris in 1889). In the beginning, it was criticized by some of France’s leading artists and scholars for its design.

During World War I, messages from the enemy were blocked because of the tower’s radiotelegraphy center.

Eiffel tower used as radiotelegraphy center

And currently, Eiffel Tower is the most-visited paid monument in the world, with over 7 million visitors a year. Besides the recognizable structure, the monument’s popularity is also influenced by the fame of Paris as a tourist destination.

Alright, as you got some basic information about both towers, it’s time to start the comparison segment.

Comparison Between Eiffel Tower And Tokyo Tower

Here I will compare both of these towers based on different criteria.

Let’s start…

Tokyo Tower Vs. Eiffel Tower Height

Even though the Tokyo Tower is a copy of the Eiffel Tower, there is a difference between their height.

Can you guess which is taller?

Well, the approximate height of Tokyo Tower is 332.9 meters (1,092 ft), whereas Eiffel Tower is 330 meters to the tip. So, Tokyo Tower is slightly taller than its role model.

Regardless of a bit of difference in the heights, the number of floors of these towers differs highly.

While Tokyo Tower consists of a total of fifteen floors, Eiffel Tower has only three floors.

Tokyo Tower Vs Eiffel Tower Age

The Tokyo Tower is much younger than the Eiffel Tower. Completed in 1958, the Tokyo Tower is around 60 years old. On the other hand, the Eiffel Tower was erected in 1889 and is more than 130 years old. The Tokyo Tower was built as a symbol of Japanese post-war economic miracle, while the Eiffel Tower was constructed for the 1889 World's Fair.

In addition, the Tokyo Tower is a communication and observation tower, while the Eiffel Tower was designed by Gustave Eiffel as the entrance arch of the exhibition. The Eiffel Tower is a cultural symbol celebrated around the world, while the Tokyo Tower is a landmark that symbolizes the spirit and progress of Japan.

Color Variance Between Tokyo Tower and Eiffel Tower

Another significant difference between these two towers is their color dissimilarity.

While talking about Eiffel Tower, it gets a complete repaint every seven years. Gustave Eiffel himself recommended this rhythm of recoloring.

Eiffel Tower repaint every seven years

When it was first built (1887), Venetian red paint was applied before the structure was assembled.

In 1889, reddish-brown paint was applied, and in 1892 the tower turned into an ochre brown color.

A coat of five colors was painted in shaded tones, yellow-orange at the base and light yellow at the top in 1899. After this repainting, the seven-year cycle was adopted.

However, from 1968 till now, the color “Eiffel Tower Brown” is selected because of its harmony with the Parisian cityscape. It is painted in three shaded tones, darkest at the bottom and lightest at the top.

On the contrary, Tokyo Tower seems to be painted in red and white. But actually, the two-tone colors are “international orange” and “white.” And the reason behind this color combination is aviation law stating that buildings over a certain height must have to use these colors.

Red and white Tokyo Tower

It is repainted every five years, and the process takes about a year to complete.

Which One Is More Crowded - Tokyo Tower or Eiffel Tower?

Do you think Eiffel Tower would be more packed with visitors than Tokyo Tower?

Well, what if I say there is a twist!!

Yes, even though the Eiffel Tower is more renowned, both these towers see almost equal crowds.

Crowd in Eiffel tower

Despite being a less-known attraction to the outer world, Tokyo Tower draws a huge amount of visitors, especially those who come to Japan’s capital for both a high-end experience and a natural getaway.

High-end experience of Tokyo tower

Type of Travelers That Visit Tokyo Tower Vs Eiffel Tower

As we all know, the Eiffel Tower stands as a symbol of love, and most people come here to propose to their partner or spend a honeymoon vacation.

Proposing to partner in front of Eiffel tower

On the other hand, Tokyo Tower is visited by all kinds of travelers who come to Japan. For family vacations and friends' tours to honeymoon destinations, every traveler drops by this prominent monument.

Still, the majority of visitors here are love birds, just like Eiffel Tower.

Love birds in front of Tokyo tower

Tokyo Tower View Vs Eiffel Tower View

The Eiffel Tower is situated in a huge open area. From the top, you will be able to see Avenue Foch, Champ de Mars, low-rise well-arrayed French buildings, and the beautiful River Seine.

View from Eiffel tower

In contrast, if you reach the peak of Tokyo Tower, you will see a dazzling cityscape. Also, skyscrapers and busy streets can be seen from this tower.

Dazzling cityscape view from tokyo tower

In a word, both of them provide a phenomenal view of the surroundings, and that's what tourists are fond of.

Experience Offered By Eiffel Tower Vs Tokyo Tower

Each of these towers can cast a spell of amusement on visitors. And you are bound to get lost in their charm!

While talking about Eiffel Tower, the main highlight is indeed the fine dining restaurants that will keep your tummy happy with delicious food as well as treat your eyes with a stunning view. And, to make you feel warmed, they also serve French drinks.

Right below the tower, there is a lovely walking place. And in front of it, you will mostly find love birds dating or proposing.

Besides, family and groups of friends also visit this place.

The esplanade is this tower's ground area, which is the only section you can visit free of cost. But, of course, you have to pass through security to enter this area.

Here, you will also find sculptures, eateries, gift shops, and an information center and ticket offices.

Below the Eiffel tower

Okay, moving to the first level of the Eiffel Tower, you can access it by stairs or elevators.

This level is the most happening section, featuring a number of attractions like a cinema projection, the iconic 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant, rotating cultural exhibitions, and part of the old spiral staircase.

It also features a sensational transparent floor that offers you a crystal clear sight of what’s happening below.

The second floor has an observation deck, which presents a mind-blowing view of Paris. From here, you will get a clear view of iconic Paris landmarks, including the Grand Palais, Montmartre, the Louvre Museum, and many more.

There are other attractions too, such as the iconic Jules Verne Restaurant, the Chaillot Gift Shop, and the Seine Gift Shop.

By taking the glass-walled elevators, you can move to the summit of the Eiffel from the second floor.

The top observation deck is at the height of 276 meters. And it has both indoor and open-air sections. This part of the tower is comparatively quiet as it is far away from the bustling streets and crowds below.

Eiffel tower observation deck

Standing here, the only sound you will hear is the wind flowing past and a feel of serenity!

Besides, you will find Gustave Eiffel’s office and a drink corner.

Now, speaking of Tokyo Tower, just like the Eiffel tower, the beauty of this tower lies in its design. It is separated into three sections.

In the foot town, there is also a souvenir shop and a cafe where you can refresh yourself.

The highlight is the main deck at 150 meters, which you can reach via an elevator or a 600-step staircase (both paid). Because of the tower’s central location, you will be able to enjoy a 360 degrees city view of the Kanto region.

There you will also find “look-down” windows on the floor where you can stand. It is also inspired by the Eiffel Tower’s transparent floor.

By the way, only stand there if you are not faint-hearted!!

Last time, I went there with a bunch of my friends. And the one friend who is chicken-hearted couldn't even stand there and was hanging on me out of fear!!

It was such a hilarious moment for all of us and we still gossip about the incident.

Anyway, this isn’t the end of this tower’s charm. The top deck at 250 meters high is the main gem!

You will have to take a second elevator from the main deck to reach it. You can get a panoramic view of the surrounding Tokyo metropolis from here.

And if you get lucky enough to hit this spot on a clear day, you may even see Mount Fuji and Mount Tsukuba in the distance.

Mount Fuji background with Tokyo tower

In case you visit Tokyo Tower at night, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the sparkling city view from the observation deck.

Apart from that, the tower itself lights up during the night, and the illumination theme changes according to the season.

Tokyo tower at night

Anyway, there is nothing left to compare.

Now, if you are interested in visiting any of these towers, you may check the below section. There I have provided some vital information regarding them.

Why Was Tokyo Tower Built?

The Tokyo Tower was built in 1958 as a symbol of Japan's recovery from World War II and its emergence as a major economic power. The Tokyo Tower stands 333 meters tall, making it the tallest artificial structure in Japan and one of the tallest structures in the world. The metal lattice structure is modeled after the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, and serves as a broadcast tower as well as a popular tourist destination. With its observation deck and two restaurants, it offers a spectacular panoramic view of the city and is also used as an antenna for radio and television broadcasts.

Why Does The Tokyo Tower Look Like Eiffel Tower?

The Tokyo Tower was modeled after France’s Eiffel Tower. It was built in 1958 in Tokyo, Japan, and the idea to build it using the same design as the Eiffel Tower was to symbolize a strong bond between Japan and France. The use of the iconic design reflects the perfecting of iron tower construction, as well as Japan’s admiration for Parisian culture.

In addition to being a mecca for broadcasting, Tokyo Tower also functions as a tourist attraction. It’s a major landmark and a beloved symbol of the city. The bright orange and white of the Tower make it a popular spot for photos, adding to its popularity as a tourism destination.

General Information About Tokyo Tower and Eiffel Tower For Tourists

In case you plan a trip to Japan and explore Tokyo, don’t miss dropping by the Tokyo Tower.

Therefore, check out the related information from the box.

Tokyo Tower
Visiting Hours: 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Last admission 10:30 PM).
Ticket Price (Adult): 1,200 yen (main deck only), 3,000 yen for both decks (2,800 yen if purchased online).
Official Site:
Suitable time to visit: All around the year.
Address: 4 Chome-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato City, Tokyo 105-0011, Japan.

Also, check the information about Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower
Visiting Hours: 9:30 AM to 10:45 PM.
Ticket Price (Adult): Above 10 Euro. Check the link for special timing and entry charges.
Official Site:
Suitable time to visit: All around the year.
Address: Champ de Mars, 5 Av. Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France.

Finally, it’s time to bid goodbye as I am done with today’s discussion.


In this Tokyo Tower vs. Eiffel Tower writing, I have highlighted their differences as well as similarities.

Even though they look incredibly similar, each one has its own charm. Now, if you have Eiffel Tower on your bucket list, it’s time to also put Tokyo Tower in it.

And if you end up visiting both of these magnificent monuments, don’t forget to capture some instagrammable photos.

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