Can You Take A Taxi To Mountain Ryokan

Can You Take A Taxi To Mountain Ryokan?

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Can You Take A Taxi To Mountain Ryokan? Check out the blog below to know more!

If you’re stressed out with your hectic lifestyle then you’re in need of a soothing journey to a peaceful country and that’s Japan.

The land of the rising sun is never short of stunning sceneries, breathtaking tourist attractions, and intriguing culture. Visiting Japan makes us feel like we’ve traveled to a different dimension because everything is tranquil there.

There’s no better spot to relax in Japan unless it’s a ryokan in a mountain. But how do I reach the mountain ryokan? Will a taxi in Japan take us to a mountain ryokan?

I have all these questions answered for your right below and I’ve also included a few tips you’d like to know when visiting a mountain ryokan.

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Can You Take A Taxi To Mountain Ryokan

Some mountain ryokans are located in remote areas, and may not be easily reachable by car. It's a good idea to check with the ryokan staff or your travel agent to confirm the transportation options available.

In some cases, the ryokan may offer a shuttle service or arrange for a taxi to pick you up from a nearby train station or bus stop.

However, taking a taxi to a mountain ryokan can be expensive, especially if you are traveling a long distance. If you're on a budget, it may be more cost-effective to use public transportation or rent a car.

Ultimately, the best way to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip is to plan ahead. Take the time to research transportation options and check with the ryokan staff to confirm their availability.

By doing so, you can help ensure that your travel plans go smoothly and that you can fully enjoy your stay at a beautiful mountain ryokan in Japan.

Do Taxis In Japan Take People To Mountain Ryokans?

The transportation system in Japan is quite reliable, and efficient, and offers the best rates depending on how far you want to travel.

Taxis are quite prevalent across Japan yet they charge exorbitant fares, especially if you’re traveling during the night. In fact, Japan boasts one of the most expensive taxi rates in the world.

But do taxis in Japan drive to mountain ryokans? Yes, they absolutely do. Since mountain ryokans are popular among both tourists and locals alike, taxi services seized the opportunity by offering to drive their customers to the mountain ryokans. 

Can You Take A Taxi To Mountain Ryokan
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In fact, taxi drivers in Japan are entirely aware of all the key routes that’ll take you to your mountain ryokan safely and comfortably and you won’t be in the place to guide your taxi driver with directions. 

Furthermore, taxis might be the go-to transport mode for people who visit mountain ryokans since taxi cabs are compact, unlike buses or coaches.

This is because heavy vehicles may not be an ideal transportation option when driving across mountainous roads to arrive at the ryokan as the entire journey can be uncomfortable.

In addition, if you’re traveling with your family then you’ll have bulky luggage that simply cannot be carried to the bus, and then taken out when you’ve arrived at the mountain ryokan. Thus taxis are advantageous and you can ensure a pleasant ride throughout.

How To Get A Taxi To A Mountain Ryokan?

The initial step to getting a taxi in Japan is to go to a taxi stand which is generally located close to bus stands or railway stations or you can raise your hand up to get the attention of taxi drivers. 

Strike up a conversation with a taxi driver and find out if they can drive you to the ryokan. Most of them will agree and all you have to do is clearly tell the name of the ryokan and they’ll take the easiest routes to drop you at the destination.

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Make sure to have a map with you along with hard cash because card payments are rarely accepted by taxi drivers in Japan. 

Another way to get a taxi in Japan is by using taxi-hailing apps. This is much more convenient because you just type in your destination and book a taxi.

Payments can be made online via credit cards and you can check the fare and duration of the trip.

Some of the popular taxi-hailing apps that operate across several parts of Japan are JapanTaxi, MOV, DiDi, and Uber which can take you to mountain ryokans in no time.

What Are The Rates And Routes A Taxi Would Take To Mountain Ryokan?

The rates charged by a taxi and the routes taken would in fact depend on the location of the mountain ryokan you plan to stop by.

Taxis in Japan are very costly and they’re run by meters that calculate the distance traveled and charges a fee accordingly. 

The standard taxi rates in Japan for the first two kilometers begin at 500 yen. This is quite expensive because most taxi rides in Japan travel above 2 km and the fare increases approximately between 70-80 yen for every 300 meters that have been covered. The final fare will be displayed once you’ve reached the destination. 

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For instance, if you’re mountain ryokan is 3 km away then your taxi fare will be calculated by standard fee + 70 yen per 300 m which is 500 yen+700 yen and the final fare is 1200 yen.

This cost is worth it because you won’t be carrying the luggage in your hands. In addition, as a tourist, you aren’t aware of directions and navigation across Japan.

As a matter of fact, mountain ryokans are situated in isolated areas that are encircled by forests which doesn’t sound safe to be traveling by yourself without a local’s help.

Hence you’ll most certainly need a taxi driver who already has knowledge of the safest routes to drop you off at the mountain ryokan.

To know you’re driving to the mountain ryokan in the right direction you can use Google Maps on your phone to navigate effortlessly.

Other Ways To Travel To Mountain Ryokan

There are a few alternative ways to travel to a mountain ryokan instead of a taxi and I’ve evaluated them below.

Buses - Although it can be uncomfortable, buses do take you to mountain ryokan. However, they follow distinct routes that are only ideal for heavy vehicles which can be bumpy.

Moreover, buses are quite cheap and if you’re a solo traveler with light luggage then you won’t have much of a problem.

Trains - There are countless train stations in Japan that operate 24/7 and they’re way cheaper compared to taxis. Most mountain ryokans I’ve visited are located at least within a 2-4 km radius to train stations.

Hence you can travel to the city by train and then hail a taxi if required to reach the mountain ryokan. This is a routine I follow when visiting the mountain ryokan and it’s very cheap.

Pick-up Services - Sometimes you don’t even have to pay to get to the mountain ryokan. This is because ryokans usually offer free pick-up services to its customers. You can contact the ryokan and ask if they render pick-up services.

Popular Mountain Ryokans In Japan

Japan is filled with ryokans which are Japanese inns that provide a range of services inspired by ancient Japanese culture.

Most ryokans in Japan consist of compact rooms that are floored with tatami mats, have futon beds and offer onsen/communal bath services. 

They’re usually situated close to the mountains in Japan since it’s farther from all the noise pollution and ensures to guarantee a peaceful experience.

Although mountain ryokans in Japan are expensive, they’re extremely worthy. Therefore, I’ve curated a few mountain ryokans in Japan that I’ve visited and those that are popular among tourists and locals.

Gora Kadan

Gora Kadan is a 4-star luxurious mountain ryokan that’s situated in proximity to the Gora Station. The suites in Gora Kadan are minimal where you can capture the view of mountain ranges.

Since it’s located closer to the volcanic mountains, there are natural hot springs outside the inn which lets you relax in solace.

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With private baths and spas, you’re in for a luxurious adventure and lifetime experience in Gora Kadan.

Address -  1300 Gora, Hakone, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa 250-0408

Phone - +81 460-82-3331


With only a few kilometers away from Mt. Annupuri, Zaborin is a ryokan that’s the epitome of simple yet luxurious. The rooms at Zaborin are very spacious, calm, and consist of all the facilities you require from free Wi-Fi to air conditioning.

The rooms are built right in front of the mountains and forests to ensure the customers wake up to a stunning view. 

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Zaborin also offers premium indoor and outdoor hot spring baths. However, the outdoor bath at Zaborin is my favorite because you’re surrounded by greeneries which makes you feel like you’re in a jungle.

Address - 76-4 Hanazono, Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido 044-0084

Phone - +81 136-23-0003

Kamikochi Nishi-ito-ya Mountain Lodge

This mountain lodge or ryokan is situated in Kamikochi Mountain and is very close to the Kappa Bridge and Azusa river. It’s surrounded entirely by summits and a thick jungle that covers the inn from behind.

This is a perfect ryokan to visit during the winter because the mountains covered with snow look surreal.

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This ryokan is a wood cabin with compact rooms for affordable rates. The Nishi-ito-ya inn renders a variety of services like free Wi-Fi, delicious and authentic Japanese food, public hot spring bath, tea rooms, and other amenities.

Address - 390-1516 Nagano, Matsumoto, Azumi, 4469-1

Phone - +81 263-95-2206

Can You Take A Taxi To Mountain Ryokan: FAQs

What is a mountain ryokan?

A ryokan or mountain ryokan is a traditional Japanese lodge that’s made out of wood with compact rooms that are designed with tatami mats, authentic Japanese furniture pieces, and futon beds.

A mountain ryokan popularly makes available public hot springs due to the mountainous location and there are ryokans that also offer private baths and spas as well. 

What are the popular mountain ryokans in Japan?

There are countless mountain ryokans spread throughout Japan and some of the popular ones are:

Gora Kadan, Zaborin, Kamikochi Nishi-ito-ya Mountain Lodge, Yomogihira Onsen Izumiya, Jigokudani Hot Spring Korakukan

Do taxis in Japan take you to mountain ryokan?

Taxis in Japan offer rides to mountain ryokan that are taken from the shortest and safest routes to ensure the trip is comfortable for the customers.

Although taxi rides are costly in Japan, they’re the ideal option to effortlessly reach the mountain ryokan.

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