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Top 10 Strongest Pokemon of All Time Ranked in the World

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It's battle of the Pokemon! Here's the strongest pokemon of all time ranked! Check it out!

Trainers, assemble! The question burns hotter than a fire-type attack: who reigns supreme in the Pokemon universe? We settle the age-old debate, ranking the strongest Pokemon from across every region based on legend, power, and pure battling prowess!

Strongest Pokemon Of All Time Ranked: Quick Summary

Pokemon Name Strong Against Weaknesses
Arceus Ghost Fighting
Dialga Bug, Grass, Electric, Water, Steel, Poison, Rock, Psychic, Flying Fighting, Ground
Palkia Fire, Steel, Water Dragon, Fairy
Giratina Bug, Fire, Poison, Electric, Grass, Water Dragon, Dark, Ice, Fairy, Ghost
Mewtwo Fighting, Psychic Bug, Dark, Ghost
Rayquaza Bug, Fire, Fighting, Grass, Ground, Water Dragon, Fairy, Ice, Rock
Solgaleo Poison, Rock, Grass, Dragon, Steel, Ice, Psychic, Flying Fire, Dark, Ghost, Ground
Groudon Fire, Poison, Electric, Steel, and Rock Grass, Bugs
Xerneas Fighting, Bug, Dark Poison, Steel
Kyurem Electric, Grass, Water Fairy, Dragon, Rock, Steel, Fighting

Strongest Pokemon Of All Time Ranked


Arceus is the strongest Pokemon that ever existed. In fact, Arceus is also known as the God of the Pokemon world and the first Pokemon to come into existence. Arceus was the Pokemon who shaped and created the entire Pokemon universe. 

Arceus is a Mythical Pokemon of Normal-type whose power surpasses any Pokemon’s powers. He has the superpower to create living beings and change the shape and state of literally anything. 


Arceus initially appeared in Generation IV games as a legendary Pokemon. If you want to see an entire appearance of Arceus in the movie then make sure to check out Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life. Arceus doesn’t evolve and his only weakness is fighting.


Dialga comes right after Arceus when talking about the strongest Pokemon because it was Arceus himself who created Dialga and other Pokemon like Palkia and Giratina. Dialga was assigned by Arceus to create time. 

Dialga is a legendary Pokemon of Steel and Dragon type and it’s usually worshipped as the creator of metal and time.


Dialga first made its appearance in Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl along with Palkia and Giratina. It also has the ability to evolve and is strong against most Pokemon types such as bug, grass, electric, water, psychic, poison, rock, steel, and flying. However, Dialga proves to be weak against the ground and fighting Pokemon.


Palkia is the second Pokemon created by Arceus and or also known to be the twin brother of Dialga. Similar to how Arceus ordered Dialga to create time, he assigned Palkia to create matter, hence Palkia was also referred to as the God of matter, space, and cosmos.

Palkia is a duel type water and dragon Legendary Pokemon and has a strong beef against his sibling Dialga. They both clashed with each other when their dimensions crossed with each other. This led Palkia to believe that Dialga invaded its dimension.


Palkia also made its first appearance in Diamond and Pearl Dragon Trilogy along with its siblings. Although Palkia is a dragon type Pokemon it’s weak against other dragon Pokemon. Palkia doesn’t evolve and has decent strengths against fire, water, and steel.


Giratina is the last Pokemon created by Arceus and is also a sibling of the twin Pokemon, Palkia, and Dialga. Arceus also order Giratina to create the elements of the universe. Unlike, its siblings Giratina has a very aggressive nature and was hence expelled to the Distortion World where time and space are irrelevant.


Giratina is a duel type ghost and dragon Legendary Pokemon. Giratina also appeared firstly in the Diamond and Pearl Trilogy. It’s powerful against bug, fire, poison, electric, grass, water Pokemon types and weak against the dragon, dark, ice, fairy, ghost Pokemon.


After the creator of the Pokemon and his offspring, Mewtwo comes next among the strongest Pokemon. Mewtwo is a Pokemon that was artificially created by Team Rocket with a fragment of Mew’s DNA which is the ancestor of all Pokemon. Mewtwo was initially used as a weapon but late became self-aware and began despising humans.


Mewtwo is a Psychic-type Pokemon and has a very violent nature. It has the ability to use telekinesis and telepathy and is also one of the toughest Pokemon to beat. However, Mewtwo can be beaten by bug, dark, and ghost Pokemon. Mewtwo first made its appearance in Pokemon: The First Movie.


The sixth strongest Pokemon on the list is Rayquaza. This Pokemon came into existence after Arceus and his offspring created the universe. Rayquaza was innately formed into a Pokemon by the minerals and other matter in the ozone layer.


Rayquaza is a dual type, Dragon and Flying Pokemon who’s the ruler of the Earth’s atmosphere and also a protector from invaders. Rayquaza is incredibly invincible and is strong against bug, fire, fighting, grass, ground, water types of Pokemon. Despite Rayquaza being a dragon-type Pokemon, its weaknesses are dragon, fairy, rock, and ice Pokemon. Rayquaza first debuted in Pokemon - Destiny Deoxys.


Solgaleo is also known as The Sunne Pokemon which represents the sun or the light emitted by it. It’s a legendary Pokemon and is also a part of the Light Trio along with other Pokemon such as Lulala and Necrozma who together bring light to the region of Alola and are also able to create wormholes.


Solgaleo is a dual type, Psychic and Steel Pokemon that can contain a large amount of energy and emit light during its active period. It looks like a lion and is strong against most Pokemon types such as poison, rock, grass, dragon, steel, ice, psychic, and flying. Solgaleo first appeared in Pokemon Sun and Moon and is weak against fire, dark, ghost, ground Pokemon types.


Another strong Pokemon that has a very interesting backstory. Groudon is a Ground type Pokemon that’s also referred to as the creator of the land. It’s a Legendary Pokemon that resembles the land and sleeps in underground magma. When Groudon wakes up, it causes volcanoes to erupt and Groudon is the reason why the continents were separated.


Groudon is a powerful Pokemon and it has the ability to erupt volcanoes and cause droughts. Groudon is strong against fire, poison, electric, steel, and rock Pokemon but weak against grass and bug Pokemon. Groudon is a part of the weather trio along with Kyogre and Rayquaza. It was introduced in the Generation III game series.


Xerneas is one of the most powerful Fairy type  Legendary Pokemon that looks like a stag. It’s one of the beautiful Pokemon and has colorful antlers. It’s able to light up the spots in its body when fighting in the dark. It’s a member of the Aura Trio along with Yveltal and Zygarde.


Xerneas was first introduced in Generation VI and made its initial appearance in Pokemon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction. Xerneas has the ability to combat fighting, bug, dark Pokemon but is weak against poison and steel Pokemon types. 


This is a legendary Dragon and Ice type Legendary Pokemon that has the appearance of a dragon with small arms, large legs and ice covered wings. It’s a member of the Tao Trio that comprises of other Pokemon such as Reshiram and Zekrom. Kyurem has the ability to produce ice cold air and it has 2 other forms that can be activated using its DNA Splicers.


Kyurem made its first appearance in Generation V Pokemon Black and White. It’s strong against electric, grass, and water types of Pokemon but has a couple of weaknesses such as fairy, dragon, rock, steel, and fighting Pokemon.

Who is the strongest Pokemon ever?

The strongest ever Pokemon is Arceus who’s the literal inventor of the Pokemon universe and the first Pokemon to come into existence before the universe was even created. Arceus is a Mythical Pokemon and is also known as the God of Pokemon.

Who is the top 10 strongest Pokemon?

The top 10 strongest Pokemon are Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Solgaleo, Groudon, Xerneas, and Kyurem. Each Pokemon has its strength and weaknesses against other Pokemon and Arceus is the strongest among them.

Who can defeat Arceus?

Arceus is the creator of all the Pokemon and he is the most powerful of them all. However, Arceus has a weakness in fighting which means Arceus cannot defend himself by fighting another Pokemon. Some of the fighting Pokemon that can defeat Arceus are Machamp, Wailord, Lucario, etc.

Who is stronger than Mewtwo?

Mewtwo is one of the strongest Pokemon there is and it was artificially created by scientists as a weapon that has a violent personality. However, there are other Pokemon like Arceus, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina who’re stronger than Mewtwo.

Is Pikachu the strongest Pokemon?

Pikachu is the first Pokemon Ash received from Professor Oak. It has electrical powers and is considered as one of the strongest Pokemon collected by Ash. However, there are several other Pokemon that are way stronger than Pikachu like Arceus, Dialga, and Palkia.

Can Arceus stop time?

Arceus is the creator of Pokemon and the universe itself. He created his offspring Dialga and Palkia who were ordered to create space, time, and matter. Dialga created time and metal. Hence, Arceus has the ability to halt time and recreate another universe.


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