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Where To See Snow in Japan?

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Wondering where to see snow in Japan? We've curated all the best places to see snow in Japan. Check it out!

Japan is renowned for its majestic scenery and its beauty is unparalleled. One of the best ways to experience its glory is to witness the snow-covered landscape in all its glory. 

From stunning mountaintops to vibrant city streets, Japan offers some of the best places to view snow. 

From the romantic backdrop of Mount Fuji to the winter wonderland of Sapporo, a trip to Japan can be the perfect way to experience the country's winter wonderland.

Here, we will discuss the best places to see snow in Japan, so you can plan your perfect trip!

Snow in Japan is something special. It creates a quiet, beautiful and romantic atmosphere, and it can be seen in countless places all over the country. 

Whether you prefer the dramatic heights of the Northern Alps or the quaint villages of the Southern Highlands, there's a perfect spot for you to experience the best snow experience Japan can offer. 

From stunning ski resorts to charming onsen towns, you can find the perfect destination for your winter dreams. So, get ready for a magical snow experience as we explore the best places to see snow in Japan!

  1. Hokkaido
  2. Nagano
  3. Niigata
  4. Aomori
  5. Yamagata

Best Places To See Snow In Japan


Hokkaido is the best place to see snow in Japan, and should be your number one destination if you're looking for a winter wonderland experience.

This prefecture is the northernmost region in the country, and it's filled with snow-covered peaks and deep valleys that are perfect for skiing, snowboard, and all other snow activities. 

snow in hokkaido

During the winter, you can experience a range of weather conditions, including light flurries, snow showers and everything in between. 

The powdery snow, which gives Hokkaido its reputation for being an ideal skiing destination, is undeniable and will keep you coming back for more!

With awesome snowfall rates and some of the best ski-lifts and ski-runs, this is surely the place to experience snow in all its glory.


Nagano, Japan is one of the best places to see snow in Japan. Located deep in the heart of Japan, the area is shrouded in a magical blanket of whiteness, home to some of Japan’s mightiest mountains, and a major ski hotspot.

Many travelers and skiers flock to the area year round to enjoy its unique snowscapes.

From vast mountain slopes to gentle checkered hills, one can find both a challenge and a cozy hideaway for their ski or snowboard experience.

snow in Nagano

Apart from the abundant alpine options, visitors can also explore the picturesque villages and traditional onsens.

A large variety of activities are available as well, from cross-country skiing to snowmobiling, and even some traditional art forms like ice sculptures. 

There’s also an array of interesting museums and locals who provide insights into the region’s culture and history.

Whatever activity you choose, you’re sure to come out with the ultimate snow-filled, high-altitude experience in Nagano.

The snowfall in Nagano is prolific and the terrain unending, making it one of the best attractions for snow-seekers looking for a truly thrilling experience. 

The premium hill stations offer a great skiing or snowboarding quality for all levels of skill, and it’s easy to find a package or rental plans. Put Nagano as one of your top options if you’re looking for a scenic, frosty Japanese winter holiday.


Niigata is an item of pilgrimage for snow-lovers from around the globe. With the Japan Sea in the west and mountains to the east, Niigata is blessed with plenty of heavy, fluffy snowfall. This makes Niigata one of the best places to see snow in Japan.

Each winter, the snow builds up to depths of over 6 feet and the frozen sea further enhances the snowscape that is visible from the surrounding towns and villages. 

Ski resorts around the prefecture, particularly in the Yuzawa area, offer diverse options that can accommodate both the beginners and the advanced. 

snow in Niigata

During the daytime, you can enjoy the snowfields, ski and snowboard and watch the powder cover steps and sidewalks. At night, the snow glows blue in the moonlight – a beautiful sight you have to see for yourself to believe.

Besides the winter sports, Niigata also offers some unique winter activities. The snow and ice festivals that take place around February feature amazing ice sculptures and create a magical atmosphere. 

Food lovers can take delight in several regional delicacies such as tororo-soba and Jijo-soba, which are made from buckwheat flour. 

In short, Niigata combines beautiful snowscapes with exciting winter sports and unique festive experiences. With its easy access from major cities, Niigata is definitely a great choice for those looking for the best place to see snow in Japan.


Aomori is definitely among the best places to see snow in Japan.

Located in the northernmost prefecture of the country, the region is known for its “Snow Corridor” -- a stretch of snow-covered road in Towada-Hachimantai National Park that is especially active in the winter months.

The area also receives an average of almost three meters of snowfall each year, creating a magical, snowy landscape unlike any other.

Of course, Aomori is also known for its unique ski resorts, including Mount Hakkoda – a great area for beginners and experienced skiiers alike. 

 snow in Mount Hakkoda

With its long-held traditions, such as the Tsugaru-shamisen Music Festival and the Nebuta Festival, and plenty of bars, restaurants and attractions to explore, it's no surprise Aomori is an excellent spot to see some of the most breathtaking snow-filled landscapes around!


Yamagata is one of the best places to see snow in Japan. When snowfall arrives each winter, Yamagata is blanketed in a thick layer of snow that stays until April. 

The Shinoda Snow Corridor is a special indoor snow development facility and the closest place to a ski resort where visitors can play in the snow throughout the year. During the winter months, visitors can enjoy sledding, making snowmen, and sliding down the slopes. 

In addition to the amazing winter views, visitors can also take part in hot spring baths, and even take a walk in the snow-covered forests. 

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking through a winter wonderland, as snowflakes fall around you and trees are dusted with a thick layer of snow. 

Nature lovers will appreciate the abundance of wildlife found here, and the chance to spot a wild snow hare or two.

Yamagata is a great place for those who are looking for a truly unique winter holiday destination. 

As the snow gradually melts away each spring, winter adventurers will take away a lifetime of memories from Yamagata’s incredible snow scenes. Be sure to plan your visit now and experience the beauty of Japan in the middle of winter!

In summary, Japan is one of the best places to see snow, with its many mountainous regions offering breathtaking views and a wealth of accommodations to choose from. 

During winter, there are numerous activities, from skiing and snowboarding to snowshoeing and even snow festivals. 

Whether you'd like to relax by a hot spring, or adventure through the powdery snow, Japan is sure to offer a memorable snow experience. For those looking for the best place to see snow in Japan, you really cannot go wrong.

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