15 Most Romantic Places to Propose In Japan

15 Most Romantic Places to Propose In Japan

Jun 06, 2024Jon Ng

You need a lover to make your heart beat faster than ever!!

Although February is the month of romance, you can make your everyday life bright and beautiful by looking at your loved one’s face.

But, you need to put extra effort while proposing to your beloved partner.

So where are you going to propose?

If you ask for my opinion, I will suggest Japan, the land of beauty and pleasure!!

This country is full of unique & special places that you can visit, and most of them are suitable for a romantic date.

As there are so many places to propose in Japan, you may end up getting confused about where to take your bae.

Well, don’t worry!! I am here for you to rescue. You can imagine me as your Fairy Godmother.

Here I am spinning my magical wand and presenting the most romantic places to propose in Japan.

Now step forward and find the best one.


The moment you bend on your one knee, the background should be stunning and picture-perfect.

So that, whenever you memorize the beautiful moment, only a subconscious smile will appear on your face.

Most Romantic Places to Propose In Japan

When it comes to the island country, Japan, there is no shortage of places for spending your special moment.

From astonishing landscapes, peaceful gardens, attractive mountains to spiritual shrines, every spot is unique and mesmerizing.

Now, where should I go on a date in Japan? If this question ever came to your mind, I am going to answer it in a while.

Just go through all the mentioned places one by one, and you will find your desired destination.

Top 15 Most Romantic Places In Japan for Proposal: Say Yes to The Right One!!

Osaka Castle Moat Area in Osaka

Best time to propose at this location: During the cherry blossom season

Osaka Castle rises majestically above the enchanting moat and park below, making for an incredibly romantic setting for any couple. 

During the spring, visitors are surrounded by beautiful cherry blossom, presenting them with the perfect atmosphere to pop that all-important question. 

Walking along the pathways surrounding the castle and its gardens, you will be able to witness diverse scenery. 

If February is a more suitable time for your visit, indulge in the bright plum blossoms. From late April to May, vibrant azaleas transform the castle grounds into a technicolor wonder while in the autumn, the leaves add a more subtle and serene touch to the picturesque setting.

Kinosaki Onsen

Best time to propose at this location:  During the winter, if possible when it snows 

Located between majestic mountains and the glimmering sea, Kinosaki Onsen is Japan's iconic hot spring town. 

With top-notch eats, inviting hot springs, and dreamy traditional architecture, it is a truly romantic destination for a marriage proposal. 

The town takes on an even more magical atmosphere during the cherry blossom season, when the streets light up under the soft pink glow of illuminated petals. 

As the sun sets, the sound of wooden geta sandals fills the air, one of the many amazing features that brings this enchanting town to life each evening. Without a doubt, Kinosaki Onsen offers a unique and memorable experience that few other places can match.

Shimogamo Shrine

Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto is a stunning and easily overlooked gem in the city that should not be overlooked. 

Shimogamo Shrine proposal spot

Despite not being as known as Fushimi Inari or Jishu Jinja, the shrine showcases beautiful vermilion wooden buildings and bridges crossing over delightful bubbling streams. 

Shimogamo Shrine

I highly recommends a visit to Shimogamo. You will be struck by the peace and tranquility that surrounds the area, and it is no wonder that the shrine, alongside Jishu Jinja, is considered kami by the Shinto religion.

Meoto Iwa Or The Wedded Rocks

While planning a marriage proposal in Japan, It’s hard to visualize a more appropriate location than the Meoto Iwa. It is also known as the Married Couple Rocks.

These sacred rocky stacks standing together in the sea of Futami, Mie, Japan, are wedded together by shimenawa rope (a heavy rope of rice straw).

Meoto Iwa

It is believed that they united the spiritual and earthly realms. The rocks symbolize the marriage of man and woman.


The larger rock represents the male, and the smaller one is the female. And there is a small torii at the peak of the male rock.

Now, imagine yourself proposing to your loved one in such a gorgeous and truly magical place like this.

Only “Yes. I Do” will spread like an echo around the sea.

Just like the bonding of these rocks, two of you will be composed in one soul!!

Moonrise over Meoto Iwa

And if you are lucky enough to pay a visit there in super clear weather, you can even see Mount Fuji in the background.

This location has all the remedies to heal your mind and spirit.

You can also pay a visit to the nearby Futami-Okitama and the Ryugu Shrine, which are situated within walking distance.

These are some of the most popular Shrines in Japan that you can explore while walking hand in hand with your newly wedded.

Location: 575 Futamichoe, Ise, Mie 519-0602, Japan

Lake Mashu: Enjoy A Starry Night!!

You may not have fallen in love with someone under a starlit night, but you can at least propose on such occasions.

I know what you are thinking. It’s hard to see clear skies with blinking stars in some places.

But thankfully, you will have the opportunity to observe shining stars at Lake Mashu.

Lake Mashu

While your lover will be busy watching the stars, you can bend down and ask the most important question, “Will you marry me!!”

Millions of stars will be the witness of your special moment!!

Just a minute of silence, and you will hear your desired answer, Yes.

Lake Mashu is located in Akan Mashu National Park on the island of Hokkaido. It is called one of the clearest lakes in the world.

Star Night

This lake is not ordinary at all. It was formed by a volcano 7,000 years ago.

You can also sign up for official stargazing tours and explore the beautiful scenery.

Shortly, if you are looking for a quiet and less crowded location for your wedding proposal, this place will be one of the best choices for you in Japan.

Location: Teshikaga, Kawakami District, Hokkaido, Japan

Tokyo Tower: A High Place for Getting Down on One Knee

Eiffel Tower.. Of course, you have heard this name before. Right?

It is an iconic place for romantic proposals from celebrities to general people. Tokyo Tower is the resemblance of Eiffel Tower, which also serves the same purpose.

Tokyo Tower

From the top deck, it offers a glittery view of the incredible city.


You need to book tickets for the Top Deck in advance.

The “Prismirrored” space is covered with mirrors that reflect the nightscape of Tokyo and the face of your lover!!

If you visit Tokyo Tower, I recommend you go to Tokyo Skytree in Sumida, which is also famous for providing an impressive ethereal view from the observation decks.

Location: 4 Chome-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato City, Tokyo 105-0011, Japan

Kawazu Seven Waterfalls: Hear The Rhythm of Water

The dazzling Kawazu Seven falls!!

They are a series of waterfalls by the Hontani river, in the south of the Izu Peninsula.

These falls were memorialized in the 1926 book “The Izu Dancer” by Kawabata Yasunari.


You will find several statues near the waterfalls, which are inspired by this famous novel.

It’s such a unique place where you can ask for your partner’s hand for marriage while listening to the rhythm of the water.

Besides the waterfalls, Kawazu has several outdoor onsens where you can relax with your beloved one.

Location: Nashimoto, Kawazu, Kamo District, Shizuoka 413-0501, Japan

Top of Mount Fuji: Get A View of Spectacular Sunrise & Sunset

If you and your lover have an affection for hiking, then the top of Mount Fuji is the perfect destination for you.

It will take approximately 5-10 hours to reach the peak. After a long-term adventure, when you two arrive at the summit, the view will make your jaw drop.

Both the sunrise and sunset give a magical experience, and you can choose either time to ask the question.

Mount Fuji Top

You can also request your guide or fellow trekkers to capture this memorable moment on camera.

By the way, if trekking is not something you are comfortable with, then you have a great alternative around the Mount Fuji area such as the northern shores of Lake Kawaguchiko.

You can travel to this destination between October to February to observe the most stunning sight.

And of course, don’t forget to set your alarm clock if you are willing to see the sunrise.

How about riding a boat and feeling the breeze of Spring?

Sounds Breathtaking!!

My next place has such an atmosphere.

Chidorigafuchi Canal: Have Fun While Riding A Boat

Japan’s Cherry blossom season (late March to mid-April or early May) has a romantic aura with pink petals surrounding everywhere in Chidorigafuchi Moat.

When you and your lover walk on the pathway around the canal, these pink petals will rain down like wedding confetti.

Chidorigafuchi Canal

This season is considered as the spiritual time of the year when you can appreciate the pleasure of Spring and the appearance of new life.

When the cool breeze touches your cheeks, you can admire the existence of yourself and the beauty of your better half.

However, if the path becomes busy, you have an alternative option.

You can take a boat to float on the Chidorigafuchi Canal for the two of you.

Once you are on the boat, you will be surrounded by pretty blossoms and enjoy quality time without any distractions.

Chidorigafuchi Canal

All you gotta do is stare at each other's eyes and pull out the big question.

But don’t get lost in the moment for too long, and carefully handle the boat!!

By any chance, If you find cherry blossom season too busy for your proposal, you can consider the magical plum blossom season in February.

Also, you can propose under the golden red, brown, and orange leaves of Autumn in Japan.

Location: 1 Kitanomarukoen, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 102-0091, Japan

Itsukushima Floating Torii Gate: A Sacred Place

If you are looking for a spiritual location for your proposal, then the ‘floating’ Torii Gate will be a perfect pick.

The massive Torii gate that appears to be floating on the water is considered one of Japan’s most iconic places to visit.

Itsukushima Floating Torii Gate

Technically, the name of the island is Itsukushima but commonly known as “Shrine Island.” Or Miyajima. It is a small island in the bay of Hiroshima.


This shrine complex is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Many domestic deer also inhabit this small island, and you will find them all over.

There is a ropeway up to the island, which you can take to see the mind-blowing panoramic view of Hiroshima city and the sea.

It’s indeed one of the holiest and romantic places in Japan.

And nothing can make your proposal go wrong when you are in such a location.

Location: 1-1 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima 739-0588, Japan

Chureito Pagoda: Spectacular View

The Chureito Pagoda is a stunning five-storied pagoda on the mountain side.

It is positioned overlooking Fujiyoshida city with Mount Fuji visible in the distance.

This Shrine is one of Japan's most photographed locations.

Chureito Pagoda

Can you guess why?

Well, because the view from there is spectacular and is hard to beat!!

Just imagine, your mate is holding the flower, with both Mount Fuji and Chureito Pagoda in the background!!

All the selfies that you will take will capture the lovely scene without any need for artificial filters.

Location: 2-chome-4-1 Asama, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi 403-0011, Japan

During Otaru Snow Light Path Festival

If you ask for my suggestion for another Japan proposal idea, I will ask you to do it during the Otaru snow light path festival.

This festival occurs every winter in February, the month of romance!!

Throughout this time, the snowy town of Otaru puts on one of Japan’s most attractive candlelight festivals.

Otaru Snow Light Path Festival

With the snow-covered streets with more than 120,000 candles glowing, you will experience a dream-like magical moment with your lover.

The flames of these candles are covered by hand-made snow lanterns and are lined up beside the canal one by one.

Can you picture a more perfect time to ask for your beloved’s hand amidst snow and thousands of candles?

I guess, No.

It will give you a similar vibe to the Rapunzel lantern scene!!

There are two main areas where the cadles are lit up during the festival: Unga Kaijo area and the Temiyasen Kaijo area

Anyway, if you have a winter-themed proposal idea in your mind, I can recommend another romantic place in Japan.

It’s none other than Shirakawa-go.

Shirakawa-go: A Panoramic Snowy Village

This historic village covers up in snow during winter. It’s situated in

Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

When you go there, you will feel like a graphical Christmas picture comes to life!!


The whole town has gasshō-zukuri style roof houses that are coated with snow throughout the winter.

While enjoying the scene with a cup of coffee, you can have a heartfelt conversation with your lover.

Share all the happiness and plan with every sip of caffeine, shyly smile at each other, hold hands, and start the new journey!!


Kamogawa Riverside in Kyoto

Kyoto has many romantic places, and one of them is the Kamogawa riverside.

The portion of the river near Gion looks bright after the sunset, with all the traditional houses lit up.

You can head for the Demachiyanagi section, where you will see turtle-shaped stepping stones for crossing the river.

Riverside in Kyoto

If your better half has a child-like nature, two can hop on the stones like a bunny and reach in the middle of the river.

And after that, you can pop the question standing there, surrounded by Kyoto’s waterway.

It will be better if you go there in the evening cause the scenario is truly breathtaking at that time.

Location: Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, 600-8014, Japan

Rikugien Garden: Beautiful in Every Season

No matter which period of year you go to the Rikugien Garden, the scenario will blow your mind.

This large Edo-style garden is filled with photogenic little bridges, tea houses, pathways, and a hill.

Rikugien Garden

The area is large enough that you can surely find a quiet spot to share a fairytale moment with your beloved one.

It’s a heaven for both art and nature admirers. Even its name means “The Garden of Six Poems”, referring to the six elements in waka poetry.

So, if you like to have a peaceful date, you can consider this photogenic place.

Location: 6 Chome-16-3 Honkomagome, Bunkyo City, Tokyo 113-0021, Japan

A Romantic Railway Journey in Kansai

There are a lot of romantic activities that you can do in Japan. Among them, one is riding on a train.

Some people may think, from when riding on a train became romantic?

Well, you will know in a while.

Japan has one of the finest railways in the whole world.

Sagano Romantic Train

There are even designated several “Romantic” trains, such as Odakyu Romance Car in Hakone and The Sagano Romantic Train in Kyoto.


Kansai is Japan's political and cultural center, consisting of Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, and Kobe.

Both of the journeys will provide you with a great opportunity to propose your partner.

Like the lightning speed of the train of Japan, your relationship will reach the final destination in a blink!!

Sagano romantic train railway

But, at least wait to hear the, “YES, I Do.”

Okay, I have finished talking about my selected most romantic places to propose in Japan.

You know what? If I need to cover up all the beautiful places in Japan, I can write a whole book.

Yet, I have included those locations that I personally like the most.

Now, I want to discuss an essential matter: when is the perfect time for proposing.

Ideal Time to Propose Your Partner In Japan

When it comes to talking about proposing, timing is a significant factor besides the location.

If you are getting down on one knee in a trendy public place, you should prepare yourself to be noticed by some people.

Like, in the Cherry blossom season, nature becomes undoubtedly romantic, but millions of visitors come to Japan during this period.

Cherry blossoms season

Also, the first week of New Year’s is busier than ever because many residents are off work at that time.

Overall, it depends on you when you are willing to propose, on holidays or general days.

But, one thing is sure that every season and occasion serves a different colorful aura in Japan.

Even if you pick a crowded area, nothing matters if your world means the other half’s happiness.

You can make each day special with a little bit of effort.


Okay, till now, you have had enough about some most romantic places to propose in Japan.

Each place has a separate elegance and charm.

It doesn’t matter which place you go, you won’t regret it as long as your lover is holding you tight and ready to move toward the bright future.

Whether you propose for marriage or want to be a girlfriend/boyfriend, I hope everything will go smooth as butter.

Anyway, I want to end my writing with one of my favorite song’s lyrics.

It's a beautiful night,

We are looking for something dumb to do “Hey baby” I think I wanna marry you!!

Romantic Places To Propose in Japan: FAQs

Do Japanese give engagement rings?

The Japanese also present an engagement ring to their sweetheart during a marriage proposal. In most Japanese wedding ceremonies, the couple exchanges a cup of sake to symbolize their union. However, in a Christian ceremony, couples exchange rings instead of sake.

Is Japan a romantic country?

Japan is known for cherry blossoms, glamorous cities, temples & shrines, and the land of romance. While the country is romantic, it is also super organized, disciplined, and workaholic.

What is the most romantic holiday in Japan?

Christmas day is one of the most romantic holidays in Japan. The country is famous for amazing Christmas decorations with illuminating lights. Lots of couples are seen taking selfies and roaming around the city on this occasio

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