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4 Pig Cafe In Tokyo You Have To Visit!

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Do you want to play with the cutest little piggies in Tokyo? Here are the best Pig Cafe in Tokyo! Read on to find out more about this unique restaurant and its menu.

The concept of animal cafes in Tokyo has taken all of us by storm and has caused a spike in the number of people visiting these cafes to experience the lighthearted atmosphere where cute furries and humans can get up close. 

Though there are uncountable animal cafes in Tokyo that feature a vast plethora of animals, quite a few pet cafes have become more innovative by bringing in unorthodox animals for socializing.

And these are pig cafes where mini and average-sized pigs are present for pig lovers to enjoy their time with these critters.

I’ve curated a few pig cafes across Tokyo where you’d love to stop by. Check them out below!

Pig Cafe In Tokyo

Mipig Cafe Meguro

Mipig is an abbreviation for Micro Pig which is a popular breed of pigs in Japan that are relatively smaller than the average pig.

Thus this makes this pig breed an ideal pet to be kept at a cafe where humans can interact safely with them.

The most popular pig cafe in Japan is Mipig which has a number of branches all across Japan. If you’re all in for cute little pigs then Mipig is undoubtedly a must-visit spot for you. 

Source: Instagram

Mipig Cafe is located in Meguro City, Tokyo, and is in proximity to the Fudo-Mae Station. Mipig Cafe building at Meguro City is not that tough to find.

The exterior of the building is simply parallel to a regular coffee shop. As I entered the cafe I was baffled to see how lively and rustic the interior looked because there were separate tables and chairs where guests can sit and have their drinks.

However, on the inside is where the magic is. The pigs at Mipig Cafe Meguro aren’t enclosed in cages but are left free to roam around. There are mini cushions, bean bags to rest as well as toys for pigs to play with.

There are low-sitting couches as well where I sat to pet the micro pigs and you could tell the pigs are raised preciously.

I was allowed to lift the pigs, cuddle and also snuggle with them. The staffs are fluent in English and are very amicable. They provided me with slippers and blankets to ensure I was comfortable around the pigs.

The micro pigs are exceptionally gentle and move closely with guests. Albeit I was skeptical about the hygiene when considering visiting a pig cafe, Mipig Cafe Meguro is hands down well maintained.

Apart from the pigs, there is also a wide assortment of food and beverages available at Mipig Cafe Meguro.

This pig cafe also accepts credit card payments and allows online reservations as well. Tickets are charged distinctly for adults and kids.

Entrance Fees

  • 30 mins - Adults 1100 yen, Kids 550 yen
  • 1 hour - Adults 2310 yen, Kids 1540 yen
  • Additional 30 mins - Adults 550 yen, Kids 330 yen
  • Price for a drink - 660 yen

Address - 4 Chome-11-3 Meguro, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0063

Opening Hours - Monday to Sunday 9 am - 8 pm

Contact No - +81 3-6712-2011

Website - https://mipig.cafe/

Mipig Cafe Harajuku

Mipig Cafe Harajuku is another branch of the Micro Pig Cafe in Shibuya City in Tokyo. The Mipig Cafe store is 5 mins away from Harajuku Station and has quite a couple of bus and metro stations in its vicinity.

Thus this makes it convenient for you to reach the Harajuku Mipig Cafe branch. 

Mipig Cafe seems to be the predominant pig cafe in Japan that’s why I decided to stop by another Mipig Cafe. I was anticipating this Mipig Cafe branch to be similar to the one I visited back in Meguro City.

But boy was I wrong. This branch of Mipig Cafe Harajuku was completely contrasting in ambiance, interior design, and services as well. 

Source: Instagram

The entrance of the pig cafe is similar to a barn and the door is created to look like a tree while the micro pigs are kept in a large enclosure that’s designed like a farm fence.

This is where the pigs run around and play. As I entered the cafe there were lockers where customers can secure their shoes and bags for free. 

Inside the Mipig Cafe Harajuku, there are wooden stools, mini bean bags, couches, and tables for guests to settle down and have a fun time with the adorable piglets.

As I sat down on the couch two little pigs came to my feet and attempted to warm up which was an unforgettable moment for me.

I must applaud the staff for being calm with the pigs who regularly clean up their mess without a fuss.

A peculiar fact I noticed at the Mipig Cafe in the Harajuku branch is that there were pigs of various sizes such as from mini to large pigs.

The micropigs are the ones who are active and friendly with the visitors while the adult pigs just mind their own thing.

Another noteworthy aspect of this Mipig Cafe Harajuku is it provides a large variety of foods and drinks. 

If you’re not comfortable around a lot of guests, then you can rent a private room for you and the piggies where you can cuddle with them.

The charges for entrance and refreshments at Mipig Cafe Harajuku aren’t very different from Mipig Cafe Meguro. This particular branch tends to get crowded thus I’d recommend reserving tickets online. 

Entrance Fee - 660 yen

Basic Fee - 1100 yen/30 mins

Address - 150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 1 Chome−15−4 Barbizon76

Opening Hours - Monday to Sunday 10 am - 8 pm

Contact No - +81 3-6384-5899

Website - https://mipig.cafe/

Pignic Farm & Cafe

Pignic Farm & Cafe is a newly opened pig cafe that’s a direct competitor to Mipig Cafes across Japan.

What makes Pignic Farm & Cafe stand out from Mipig Cafe is that this cafe also features a separate pig farm where micro pigs chill in the open ranch area.

Pignic Farm & Cafe is located in Akiruno, Tokyo, and has Musashi Itsukaichi Station in its vicinity.

Source: Instagram

As you arrive at Pignic Farm & Cafe, you’ll come across the Pignic Farm where cute micro pigs are playing in the ranch area.

You have to walk a bit more to reach the Pignic Cafe where pigs roam around calmly. The interior of the cafe building is similar to a barn and has cushions and blankets where pigs rest.

There are also tables and chairs outside the cafe where guests can have their snacks and gaze at the luscious trees.

There are over 30 pigs at the Pignic Farm & Cafe and each of them has adorable names as well. My favorite micro pig is Lam who’s so pink, fluffy, and has cute pointy ears.

The resting area in the cafe features a low sitting and as I settled down a pig came running to me and sat on my lap.

Some of the pigs move easily with the guests while others love to snuggle with their partners and doze off on the couches. 

The entire premises are pristinely cleaned and well-maintained that I couldn’t even find a speck of dirt. The staffs on the other hand are fluent in English and treat the guests in a friendly manner. 

What I loved about Pignic Farm & Cafe is they have a variety of snacks and drinks, like donuts and macrons, which are pig themed.

This is also a kid-friendly place where children can learn about pigs and play with them. Make sure to reserve tickets online in order to have a seamless experience when stopping by the Pignic Farm & Cafe.

Entrance Fees 

  • Adults - 1000 yen/30 mins
  • Children - 660 yen/30 mins
  • Toddlers - 440 yen/30 mins

Extension Fees (every 30 mins)

  • Adults - 880 yen
  • Children - 550 yen
  • Toddlers - 330 yen

Address - 833-1 Tokura, Akiruno, Tokyo 190-0173

Opening Hours - Weekdays 10 am - 5 pm. Weekends 9 am - 6 pm

Contact No - +81 42-588-4654

Website - https://cafe.pignic.jp/

Pignic Cafe Yoyogi Park

Pignic Cafe Yoyogi Park is another branch of Pignic Farm & Cafe. However, this pig cafe only features a pig cafe and not a pig farm.

Pignic Cafe is situated in Shibuya City in Tokyo which is in proximity to Yoyogi Hachiman station and Yoyogi Koen station.

Since this pig cafe is based in a city there are not many trees or barn spaces for animals to rest outside. 

Source: Instagram

What makes Pignic Cafe unique from its counterpart Pignic Farm & Cafe is its availability of only private room amenities.

This has enabled several customers to have private time with the pigs and be the only center of attention for the pigs.

As I walked into the cafe the staff greeted me with a smile and handed me towels to be put on my lap so that the pigs can rest.

The private rooms, however, didn’t have couches hence I had to sit on the floor and the room was sufficient for 4 people. There were hangers and spaces to keep my bags and overcoat.

The pigs are also offered toys to play with and they love to snuggle with the humans than play with toys. Customers can even feed the pigs and the snacks can be bought in-store as well.

Another unique concept at Pignic Cafe Yoyogi Park is, taking the micro pigs for a stroll outside. Guests who wish to walk with the pigs outside are given a stroller where the pig can rest while the guests are supposed to push the stroller when walking.

This had to be my favorite idea of walking with an animal because you can ensure they won’t be wild when walking out. 

Since this pig cafe only presents private rooms I’d highly recommend reserving tickets online. Strolling with the pig is in high demand thus make sure to reserve tickets online based on a timing plan of your preference. 

Entrance Fees 

  • Adults - 1400 yen/30 mins
  • Adults - 2400 yen/60 mins
  • Children (above 3 years) - 700 yen/30 mins
  • Free entrance for infants
  • 600 yen per drink

Address - 151-0063 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Tomigaya, 1 Chome−17−3 3A TERRACE BLD 2F

Opening Hours - Monday to Sunday 10 am - 8 pm

Contact No - +81 3-6407-0200Website - https://cafe.pignic.jp/

How much does it cost to go to Mipig Cafe?

The cost of going to Mipig Cafe in Tokyo depends on your age and how long you stay. Here is a breakdown of the prices:

  • Adults (4 years old and over):
    • Entry fee: 660 yen
    • Usage fee: 1,100 yen per 30 minutes
    • Total price for the first hour: 2,860 yen
  • Children (3 years old and under):
    • Entry fee: 660 yen
    • Usage fee: Free for the first 30 minutes, then 550 yen per 30 minutes
    • Total price for the first hour: 1,210 yen

There are also private rooms available for an additional fee of 550 yen per 30 minutes.

Here is an example of how much it would cost for two adults to stay for one hour at Mipig Cafe:

  • 2 x entry fee (660 yen) = 1,320 yen
  • 1 x usage fee (1,100 yen) = 1,100 yen
  • Total cost = 2,420 yen

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