Are White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards Worth It

Are White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards Worth It?

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White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards are handy for those planning to engage in Japanese lessons. Find my honest review of White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards below!

Flashcards have become the latest drilling technique for students who find it inconvenient to run through myriad notes and practice sheets. Particularly, if you’re contemplating learning hundreds of kanji letters that are very intricate in nature. 

Nevertheless, this nerve-wracking task has been made effortless by White Rabbit Kanji cards who have cemented their legacy in over 100 countries as being the most efficient and reliable flashcards for learning kanji letters. To know more about Rabbit Kanji Flashcard and its aspects make sure to read further below.

Are White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards Worth It?

For those who are unaware of White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards, it’s basically a Japanese flashcard brand that manufactures flashcards with the display of kanji letters from beginner to advanced levels.

The White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards have been prominent since 2003 and the main objective of this flashcard brand is to make it possible for non-Japanese speakers to effortlessly grasp the fundamentals of kanji reading and writing with the help of translations.

As a result, White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards are developed in several languages that cater to the requirements of non-Japanese speakers who are learning Japanese across the world. 

In the interim, the English edition of the White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards which was trailblazed by Max Hodges and Tomoko Okazaki remains to be the #1 highest-selling kanji flashcards on Amazon.

The White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards are the most preferred brand of kanji flashcards ubiquitous and there has been no other Japanese kanji flashcard company to beat the record of White Rabbit Press to this date. 

Of course, there are multiple reasons and factors as to why the White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards are the best in the field of teaching Japanese to non-Japanese individuals which I’ll be discussing in my review below.

When it comes to learning nearly 2000 kanji letters, most JLPT students immediately choose the White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards for their practice sessions since these flashcards don’t just contain transcribes of kanji letters but also the kanji compound words, kanji letters reading scripts, kanji stroke diagrams, the On and Kun readings of kanji and whatnot.

These innovative aspects of the White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards make them a unique and an all in all informative rehearsing material for JLPT students as they aid to save a lot of study time with the detailed flashcard format of kanji reading and writing as well. 

Review of White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards

Let me get straight to the review of White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards before we look at how these cards are used. 

I purchased the White Rabbit Japanese Kanji Flashcards Series 2 Volume 1: 300 Beginner-level kanji cards of the Japanese and English editions. 

This series of the White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards has been revised to fit the alterations of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. 

Therefore, this is an ideal flashcard series for JLPT students studying for the N5 level exam which is the beginner-level test. These kanji flashcards are packed in a cardboard box which is wrapped firmly in shrink wrap. 

There are 300 kanji flashcards in this series printed with beginner-level joyo kanji letters. What I honestly find impressive about the White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards is the prominent visibility of the kanji letters on the cards. 

As a newbie to the JLPT course, I was relaxed to come across the kana script (katakana and hiragana letters) on the flashcards because this aspect made it easier for me to read without a hassle. 

There are even informative definitions and readings of the kanji letters in English translation thus you need not fret over looking for a dictionary. 

What causes these flashcards to stand out is the feature of six Japanese vocabularies based on the kanji compounds as a means to improve your basic Japanese vocabulary. 

This makes it easier not just to remember the kanji letter but also to memorize new Japanese vocabulary. 


In addition, the On and Kun readings also make an appearance in these flashcards along with the doppelgangers of the kanji letters on each kanji flashcard. 

The meaning of the doppelganger kanji is also printed on the flashcards which helps you to identify as well as differentiate between look-alike kanji letters.

As a matter of fact, the factor that makes White Rabbit Kanji flashcards irreplaceable to me is the stroke order kanji diagrams. 

This guided me to write kanji letters flawlessly since I was an amateur in kanji writing when l began learning Japanese. Apart from the informative quality, the material quality is also worth mentioning. 

The White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards are poker-sized (3.5 x 2.5) and are developed with UV-coated card stock with round corners. 

Therefore, they’re quite travel-friendly as you can carry them in your pocket and they’re very durable hence you won’t witness the card material peeling off like other flashcard brands.

How To Use White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards?

Flashcards are one of the seamless methods of picking up and memorizing annotations in recent times. 

While numerous students briefly write down points on their own version of flashcard format for instant and convenient rehearsing, there has been a surge in the development of flashcards by several companies for various subjects. 

Every manufactured flashcard is distinct on its own hence you ought to pay heed to the design and the structure of the flashcard to perceive how they must be used.

White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards do appear to be intricate when you initially get hold of them.

This is because the White Rabbit kanji flashcards not only consist of kanji letters but also several short notes and information about the kanji letters as well.

Hence, they can be a bit exhaustive for first-time learners of the Japanese language. That’s why I’ve analyzed how you can utilize the White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards if you’re unfamiliar with them.

Read The Kana Scripts

First things first, your focus should be on learning how to read the kanji letters and that’s why White Rabbit Press has provided precise kana scripts to make it convenient for beginners in the Japanese language to read and memorize the kanji characters.

Pay Heed To The Different Kanji Readings

White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards also come with On and Kun reading where the writing possibilities of the kanji letter are noted down. This is a resourceful aspect that allows you to learn in-depth about the particular kanji letter.

Examine The Look-alike Kanji Box 

Almost every White Rabbit Kanji Flashcard comprises a box where you’ll find kanji letter(s) that looks identical to the mentioned kanji letter. 

This box also cites the meaning of the look-alike kanji letters as well and this technique helps you to find the contrasts between the kanji letters.

Check Out The 6 Japanese Vocabularies 

Each White Rabbit Kanji Flashcard is orchestrated with 6 Japanese vocabulary words with English definitions that contain the original kanji compound.

This feature doesn’t just portray how the particular kanji compound is used but also assists you to grasp new Japanese vocabulary words that will be resourceful in future lessons.

Make Use Of The Kanji Stroke Diagram 

This is my favorite aspect of the White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards and every flashcard is partnered by the kanji stroke-by-stroke diagram.

You have to muster up plenty of writing skills and techniques to perfectly draw a kanji letter and the mini kanji drawing guides on the White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards are definitely a lifesaver.

Learn The Definition Of Kanji/Radical Elements 

This is a factor that’s often overlooked on the White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards. Some kanji letters are combined with kanji radicals and these radicals have a distinct meaning from the original kanji letter. 

Thus make sure to learn the definitions of these radicals which are briefly mentioned on the flashcards.

Are White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards Worth It?

White Rabbit Japanese Kanji Flashcards dominate the Japanese flashcards market with their instructional techniques of making kanji reading enthralling and convenient. 

Thus there’s no doubt the White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards have a monopolistic pricing strategy. 

There are 3 volumes of White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards that are targeted towards each difficulty level such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each of these volumes comes with a specific number of cards and the volumes are priced distinctly as well. 

I purchased the Series 2 Volume 1: 300 Beginner-level White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards on Amazon for nearly $90. 

The White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards are definitely not cheap but are they worth the money you pay for them? 

If you’re planning to learn Japanese in a short period of time, especially through self-studying then these kanji flashcards are of immense assistance. You’ll learn to read kanji letters and memorize their definitions in no time with the help of the kana scripts and English definitions. 

The additional Japanese vocabulary words in the flashcards also broaden your knowledge of the Japanese language. 

Furthermore, the kanji writing diagrams on these flashcards also prevent you from purchasing extra kanji writing guides and practice books thus making the White Rabbit Kanji Flashcard an absolute rehearsing material for students learning Japanese.

On the other hand, they’re easy to carry around and can be used to learn anywhere due to their size. Not to mention the quality of the cards which are rigid, durable, and won’t easily wear off even after years of use. 

Thus I would state that White Rabbit Japanese Kanji Flashcards are worth every penny you spend if you’re passionate about mastering the Japanese language.

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