10 Top Japanese Backpack Brands: A Guide to Stylish and Durable Bags

10 Top Japanese Backpack Brands: A Guide to Stylish and Durable Bags

Jun 13, 2024Rasmiya Assadi

We checked out some of the best Japanese backpack brands. Here’s what you need to know!

Looking for a backpack that's as functional as it is fashionable? Look no further than Japan! Renowned for quality craftsmanship and innovative design, Japanese backpack brands offer a variety of styles to suit every need, from everyday commutes to adventurous hikes. Dive in and discover your perfect pack!

Key Takeaways

  • Japanese backpacks are known for their sturdiness and versatility, catering to various needs such as education and travel.
  • Randoseru, the Japanese term for backpack, reflects a significant cultural element tied to the nation's schooling system.
  • Japan's renown for producing some of the finest backpacks is due to their attention to durability and thoughtful design.

Which is the best Japanese backpack brand?

After testing our several Japanese backpack brands we found out that Porter is the best Japanese backpack brand. They offer a blend of classic design, high-quality materials (like durable nylon), and functionality, making their backpacks versatile and long-lasting.

PaaGo Works

PaaGo Works has established its name in the realm of outdoor gear with a simple yet powerful motto: "pack and go."

This fresh face in the backpack scene since 2011 distinguishes itself with innovative, standout designs that defy traditional motifs. Their products serve not just the need for practicality but also embody a spirit of individuality and adventure.


PaaGo Works Wag jaka Backpack: This minimalist backpack is a popular choice for everyday use. It's made from durable water-repellent fabric and features a clean design with a single main compartment and a zippered front pocket.

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In search of elegance with comfort? Hobo’s collection might suit your taste. 

Crafted with quality imported leather and lined with polyester, their designs like the women’s blaze are deceptive in their capacity – appearing compact yet surprisingly accommodating.


Hobo The Backpack: This versatile backpack is perfect for work, travel, or school. It has a padded laptop compartment, multiple pockets for organization, and a comfortable carrying system.

Makavelic Trucks

Fashion meets function with Makavelic Trucks, a brand that fuses street savvy with utility. 

Their 100% polyester backpacks, which include the renowned rucksack 3106-10118, cater to the style-conscious without compromising on durability or comfort.


Makavelic Trucks MVT-01 Daypack: This stylish and functional daypack is a favorite among urban explorers. It's made from high-quality materials and features a variety of compartments and pockets to keep your gear organized.

Narifuri Hatena

Outdoorsy souls and urban dwellers alike can appreciate Narifuri Hatena's approach to backpack design. 

This brand infuses functionality into fashionable form, creating resilient polyester backpacks such as the Hatena backpack, which are ideal for resisting the elements while keeping your essentials organized and protected.


Narifuri Hatena Rucksack:​ This roll-top backpack is perfect for cyclists and commuters. It's made from waterproof materials and features a reflective trim for added visibility.

Tsuchiya Kaban

For lovers of classic leather and versatility, Tsuchiya Kaban offers meticulously crafted backpacks that excel in both casual and formal attire. 

Products like the Vainno Round Backpack showcase their expertise in blending style with convenience through their contemporary design and tactile comfort.


Tsuchiya Kaban Briefcase Backpack: This classic briefcase backpack is a great option for professionals. It's made from high-quality leather and features a timeless design with plenty of space for your laptop, files, and other essentials.


Since 1994, Master-piece has been maintaining its commitment to crafting exceptional handbags and backpacks. 

Their unique aesthetic resonates through products designed for everyday utility, exemplified in items like the Various rucksack 24215, which promises both comfort and convenience for the modern user.


Master-Piece Porter King Series Backpack: This spacious backpack is perfect for travel or long weekends. It's made from durable materials and features a variety of compartments and pockets to keep your gear organized.


F/CE stands out in the fashion industry for creativeness and an outdoor-ready approach in their bag designs. 

They're dedicated to delivering not only functional but also fashionable gear, such as the 950 travel BP, which is as stylish as it is practical, ensuring you look sharp in any setting.


F/CE Monster Backpack: This heavy-duty backpack is perfect for outdoor adventures. It's made from waterproof materials and features a variety of compartments and pockets to keep your gear organized.

Southfield Industries

For an understated, functional carry, Southfield Industries is your go-to. 

This brand, hailing from Saitama since 2008, is all about handcrafted, sustainable products that endure the test of time, like the Southern Industries Rucksack – a perfect companion for those daily essentials.


Southfield Industries Transit Backpack: This sleek and stylish backpack is perfect for everyday use. It's made from water-resistant materials and features a variety of compartments and pockets to keep your gear organized.


Having laid its foundation in 1962, Porter is an emblem of Japanese heritage in backpack designing. 

Known for their minimalist, practical aesthetics, their creations like the Porter Paramount series stand up to rough weather and wear, aligning durability with classic style.


Porter Tanker Backpack: This iconic backpack is a best-seller for a reason. It's made from durable nylon and features a classic design with plenty of space for your everyday essentials.

And Wander

Tailored for the adventurers, And Wander brings to life backpacks that thrive in the wild outdoors. 

Established in the summer of 2011, the brand has rooted itself in nature-inspired design geared towards hiking and similar escapades, demonstrated by the robust and wander x-Pac 30l backpack.


And Wander Alpha Backpack: This technical backpack is perfect for serious hikers and backpackers. It's made from lightweight materials and features a variety of compartments and pockets to keep your gear organized.



For sustained quality and endurance, opting for a top-notch Japanese backpack is advisable. Brands like Dolly Roll and Beams x Arc’teryx excel in longevity. 

Whether for daily use or specific occasions, a Makavelic backpack fits the bill perfectly, especially for casual ventures. Their craftsmanship ensures a lasting companion on your journeys.

What are favored Japanese backpack brands for men?

Some Japanese backpack brands that have garnered attention for their quality and design specifically among men include Master-Piece, renowned for its blend of aesthetics and utility, and MAKAVELIC, which is acclaimed for its urban-inspired, practical rucksacks.

Where can I find a backpack brand that originates from Japan?

If you're in the market for authentically Japanese-made backpacks, consider Porter, which is touted for its minimalist, sturdy designs that don't compromise on style.

Which Japanese backpack is recommended for academic purposes?

For school-related needs, the ALAZA Japanese Cherry Blossom Sakura Large Backpack offers both functional and aesthetic appeal, making it a fitting choice for students who desire a balance of form and function.

What are the reasons behind Anello backpacks being a popular choice for travelers in Japan?

Travelers often opt for Anello backpacks due to their wide-opening compartments, lightweight structure, and trendy yet practical design, which facilitate comfort and convenience on the go.

How do Randoseru backpacks stand out among other Japanese backpack designs?

Randoseru backpacks are distinct because they are traditionally made of sturdy leather or leather-like materials, have a boxy shape, and are designed to last the entire tenure of elementary school, making them a durable choice for young students.

What are other backpack brands from Japan comparable to MAKAVELIC in quality?

When looking for brands that match MAKAVELIC's quality, and wander is a suitable contender, offering durable options that are equally equipped for urban commuting and outdoor adventures.

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