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Struggling to find the right bra sizes in Japan? Here’s a guide on bra sizes in Japan. Check it out!

In Japan, just like in many other countries, finding the right bra size can be a bit challenging due to varying sizing systems and cultural preferences. Japanese lingerie brands and stores often utilize a unique approach to sizing that may differ from the ones used in the West. 

This guide aims to demystify the world of bra sizes in Japan and help you find the perfect fit for comfort and confidence.

Understanding Bra Sizes In Japan

Unlike the standard bra sizing system used in the United States, Europe, and some other countries, Japan follows its own unique method. 

Japanese bras typically use a combination of numbers and letters to represent size, similar to the Western system. However, the key difference lies in the order in which the numbers and letters are placed.

In Japan, the bra size is written in the format: [Band Size] [Cup Size], such as "70B" or "75C." The band size is represented by a number, and the cup size is represented by a letter. To further complicate matters, Japanese bras usually skip double letters (DD) and jump from D to E.

Measuring Japanese Band Size 

The band size represents the measurement of the ribcage just under the bust. To find your band size, use a measuring tape and wrap it snugly around your ribcage while exhaling. Make sure the tape is parallel to the ground and not too tight or too loose. The number you get is your band size.

The band size is a crucial aspect of finding the right bra fit, as it forms the foundation of support for your breasts. Here's a more detailed explanation of how to determine your band size:

  • Measuring Your Band Size:

To measure your band size accurately, you'll need a flexible measuring tape. Follow these steps:

a. Get in Position: Wear a non-padded bra and stand straight with your arms down. It's best to measure yourself in front of a mirror to ensure the tape is correctly positioned.

b. Take the Measurement: Hold the measuring tape horizontally around your ribcage, just under your bust. The tape should sit snugly against your skin without digging in or being too loose.

c. Exhale and Measure: Take a deep breath and then exhale fully. Measuring after exhaling will ensure that the tape is not too tight, which could result in an inaccurate measurement.

d. Round to the Nearest Even Number: After obtaining the measurement, round it to the nearest even number. 

For example, if you measure 31 inches, round it to 30 inches, and if you measure 34 inches, round it to 34 inches.

  • Determining Your Band Size:

The number you get after rounding off the measurement is your band size. In the Japanese bra sizing system, this number is used as the first part of the size representation. For instance, if your rounded measurement is 30 inches, your band size in Japan would be written as "30."

It's important to note that the band should feel comfortably snug on the loosest hook when you try on a new bra. As the bra stretches over time, you can use the tighter hooks for a better fit.

  • Choosing the Right Band Size:

Finding the perfect band size is crucial for proper support. A band that's too loose will ride up your back, leading to insufficient support, while a band that's too tight will be uncomfortable and may cause skin irritation.

If you find yourself between band sizes, consider the following:

  • If you prefer a snug fit or if the bra has a stretchy band, opt for the smaller band size.
  • If you prefer a more relaxed fit or if the bra has a firmer band, choose the larger band size.

Always try on different band sizes to see which one feels most comfortable and secure.

By understanding how to measure and determine your band size accurately, you'll be better equipped to find bras that provide the support and comfort your breasts need. 

This, combined with the knowledge of cup size and the unique Japanese sizing system, will help you navigate the world of Japanese bras with confidence and ease.

Measuring Japanese Cup Size

Determining the cup size in Japan follows a similar process to that of other countries. Measure around the fullest part of your bust while wearing a bra without padding. Subtract your band size from this measurement.

Bra Sizes In Japan

The cup size is a fundamental element of bra sizing that determines the volume of the breast and how it will be accommodated within the bra.

Let's delve deeper into understanding cup sizes and how to determine the right one for you:

  • Measuring Your Cup Size:

To find your cup size, you'll need to take two measurements:

a. Measure Your Bust: While wearing a non-padded bra, stand straight with your arms down. Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust, making sure it's parallel to the ground and not too tight or too loose.

b. Measure Your Band Size: Refer to the earlier section on "Band Size" to accurately measure the circumference just under your bust and round it to the nearest even number.

  • Calculating Your Cup Size:

To calculate your cup size, subtract the band size measurement from the bust measurement. Each inch difference between the two measurements corresponds to a cup size:

  • 1-inch difference: A cup
  • 2-inch difference: B cup
  • 3-inch difference: C cup
  • 4-inch difference: D cup
  • 5-inch difference: E cup (Note: In Japan, E is used instead of DD)
  • 6-inch difference: F cup
  • And so on...

For example, if your bust measurement is 36 inches and your band size is 32 inches, the difference is 4 inches. In this case, your cup size would be a D cup.

  • Finding the Perfect Cup Size:

It's essential to find the right cup size to ensure proper support and comfort. A bra with cups that are too small will cause spillage or a feeling of constriction, while cups that are too large may leave gaps or not provide adequate support.

When trying on bras, pay attention to the following:

  • Cup Coverage: The breasts should be fully contained within the cups without bulging or spilling over the top or sides.
  • Cup Smoothness: The fabric of the cups should lie smoothly against the breasts without wrinkling or gaping.
  • Center Gore: The center of the bra (the piece of fabric between the cups) should lay flat against your sternum for proper support.

Keep in mind that cup size can vary between different bra styles and brands. For example, a 34C in one brand may fit differently from a 34C in another brand. Don't hesitate to try on different sizes and styles to find the perfect match for your shape and preferences.

Common Bra Size Conversions

If you're accustomed to the Western sizing system and are shopping for bras in Japan, you might encounter some differences. Here's a quick conversion guide to help you navigate:

  • 32A (US) ≈ 70A (Japan)
  • 34B (US) ≈ 75B (Japan)
  • 36C (US) ≈ 80C (Japan)
  • 38D (US) ≈ 85D (Japan)

It's essential to keep in mind that sizing can vary between brands, so it's always a good idea to try on bras before making a purchase, especially if you're new to Japanese brands.

​​Converting bra sizes between different sizing systems can be confusing, especially when navigating between the Western and Japanese sizing systems. 

Here's a more detailed explanation of common bra size conversions between US and Japan:

  • US Bra Sizing System:

In the United States, the bra sizing system typically uses a combination of numbers for the band size and letters for the cup size. The band size is measured in inches and represents the circumference of the ribcage just under the bust. The cup size is determined by measuring the difference between the band size and the fullest part of the bust.

For example:

  • 32A: A 32-inch band size with an A cup
  • 34B: A 34-inch band size with a B cup
  • 36C: A 36-inch band size with a C cup
  • 38D: A 38-inch band size with a D cup

Japanese Bra Sizing System:

In Japan, the bra sizing system uses a unique combination of numbers and letters. The band size is represented by a number, just like in the Western system. However, the cup size is indicated by a letter without using double letters (DD).

For example:

  • 70A: A 70-band size with an A cup
  • 75B: A 75-band size with a B cup
  • 80C: An 80-band size with a C cup
  • 85D: An 85-band size with a D cup
  • Common Bra Size Conversions:

When converting between US and Japanese bra sizes, there is no standardized conversion due to the differences in sizing systems. However, some general guidelines can help you get an approximate idea of your size in the other system:

To convert from US to Japan:

  • Add 10 to your band size measurement. For example, if you wear a 34 band size in the US, add 10 to get a 44 band size in Japan.
  • Keep the same cup size letter. For instance, if you wear a 34B in the US, you'd look for a 44B in Japan.

To convert from Japan to US:

  • Subtract 10 from your band size measurement. For example, if you wear a 75 band size in Japan, subtract 10 to get a 65 band size in the US.
  • Keep the same cup size letter. For instance, if you wear a 75C in Japan, you'd look for a 65C in the US.

Remember that these conversions are rough estimates, and the best way to find your correct size in each system is to try on bras and assess the fit.

Japanese Lingerie Culture and Styles

Japanese lingerie culture is deeply influenced by its rich history, attention to detail, and emphasis on quality and comfort. Lingerie in Japan goes beyond just practical undergarments; it is also seen as a form of self-expression and an essential part of fashion. 

Here's an elaboration on Japanese lingerie culture and the diverse styles it offers:

  • Fashion and Expression:

In Japan, lingerie is viewed as more than just a functional necessity; it is seen as a way to express personal style and sensuality. Many Japanese women take pride in selecting lingerie that complements their outfits and reflects their individuality. 

As a result, the Japanese lingerie market offers an extensive range of styles, designs, and colors to cater to various tastes and preferences.

  • Emphasis on Comfort:

Japanese lingerie brands prioritize comfort without compromising on style. They often use high-quality fabrics and pay attention to the construction of bras and underwear to ensure a comfortable fit throughout the day. 

Seamless designs are popular, as they provide a smooth silhouette under clothing and reduce the chances of chafing or discomfort.

  • Attention to Detail:

Japanese craftsmanship is renowned for its precision and attention to detail, and this ethos extends to lingerie production as well. From delicate lacework to intricate embroidery, Japanese lingerie often features exquisite embellishments that enhance the overall design and appeal of the undergarments.

  • Playful and Cute Styles:

Kawaii (cute) culture is a significant aspect of Japanese fashion, and this influence is evident in lingerie styles as well. Many Japanese lingerie brands offer playful and adorable designs with cute patterns, pastel colors, and charming prints. 

These styles are particularly popular among younger women and those who appreciate a touch of whimsy in their undergarments.

  • Minimalism and Elegance:

On the other end of the spectrum, Japanese lingerie also embraces minimalism and elegance. Simple yet sophisticated designs with clean lines and understated details appeal to those who prefer a more refined and classic look.

  • Supportive and Functional:

While aesthetics are essential, Japanese lingerie also focuses on providing the necessary support and functionality. 

Bras are designed to lift and shape the breasts comfortably, catering to different body types and sizes. The aim is to strike a balance between style and practicality, ensuring that women feel confident and well-supported throughout the day.

  • Bridal and Special Occasion Lingerie:

Japan offers a wide selection of bridal lingerie and special occasion intimates. These pieces often feature luxurious fabrics, intricate lacework, and elegant designs to make women feel extraordinary on important events like weddings and anniversaries.


Finding the right bra size in Japan may require some adjustment for those used to the Western sizing system.

 Remember to take accurate measurements to determine your band and cup size, and be aware of the unique letter progression in Japan (skipping double letters). 

Always try on bras before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit and explore the diverse styles available in the Japanese lingerie market. 

With this guide, you'll be well-equipped to embrace the world of Japanese lingerie and enjoy both comfort and style.

Where to Get Bras in Japan?

Amo’s Style

polish bra sizing
Source: Amos Style

Amo’s Style is a brand pulled out by the international brand Triumph just for Japan’s population.

The store can be found in family shopping centres and the chain of Aeon malls. The sizes available range from A to G cup for band size of 85. You probably can find larger sizes, but they’d be scarce in variety.

These stores, because of their internationally renowned nature, provide some last-mile experiences as well. This is a perfect place that will answer your question of how to find a perfect fitting bra in Japan!

For instance, you can order in and they’ll make a custom bra for you if you're not in a hurry. They also have English speaking staff in their stores.

Peach John

how to find a perfect fitting bra in Japan
Source: Peach John

You can find trendy, sexy and most-liked sort of bras at Peach John. You’ll find it in many varieties and colours (including peach, yes).

Once again, you can find an excellent collection of bras here as long as your breast can fit in cup sizes A to E. How to find a perfect fitting bra in Japan? Peach John is the answer!


international bra size converter
Source: Aimerfeel

If you’re looking to spice things up or even just feel cute and sexy on the inside, I’d suggest buying lingerie from aimerfeel.

Their bras are fashionable, often sold as a set with a matching panty, but they’re affordable. Definitely one of the best site to

The store also sells garter belts, extenders for the band and extra shoulder straps, making sure you’re always emergency ready. Bonus point: they have fabulous sales!

Plus Size Bras in Japan

japanese bra technology
Source: Pexels

It might seem to you that the bustier, more full women are going to have a hard time in Japan finding appropriate, nice-looking and decorative lingerie.

While that might be true, there is a solution to everything. Smileland and Rui Glamorous are two of the most popular plus-size stores in all of Japan. Let's check out how to find the perfect fitting bra in Japan for plus sizes.


branded japanese bra

This plus-size store can mostly be found online. It is great for those who know their size and for those who don’t, you can find an offline store, most likely in one in the Ito Yokado department stores.

They have a wide range of size available, from A80 to I100 and the designs won’t disappoint you. They have everything, from sophisticated to raunchy.

Rui Glamorous


As the name suggests, here you’ll find bras for sizes that are considered ‘glamorous’, like the ones you see on Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe.

It isn’t typically a plus-sized store, but women with these sizes ( F65 to J90) can find the perfect fitting bra for themselves. How to find the perfect fitting bra in Japan? Head to Rui Glamourous.

Supermarket Bras in Japan

Stores like Sogo and Ito Yokado keep in-house bras in these family-friendly environments. Supermarkets are another place where you can find the answer on how to find the perfect fitting bra in Japan.

One of the staple lingerie in a woman’s wardrobe is something she is comfortable in when no one looking. Granny-type bras can be found for very cheap inside these stores.

High-End Bras In Japan

Triumph and Wacoal are some of those bra Barbados that you can call an indulgence. These brands are great and will help you how to find the perfect fitting bra in Japan.

You can find that these stores’ primary audience would be older women who have the money to spend on it. Hence the less flashy, more muted colours of bras can be found.

Wacoal actually has many sub-brands that also cater to the high-end audience —  Wing, Acute, and Amphi.

Fit and the Feel Of Japanese Bras

how should a bra cup fit,
Source: Pexels

Japanese bras definitely have a distinctive style. These bras are abundant with design and colour. They don't shy away from using excessive embroidery and lace., in fact, people prefer that. 

You’ll find a wide variety of pastels and neutral tones here, colors loved universally, but you’ll find bold, rich, and somewhat gaudy colors in equal abundance. Find what you need- how to find the perfect fitting bra in Japan.

Baby pinks and baby blues are most loved among pastels, while reds and purples are the bold favorites!

To find the perfect-fitting bra and the perfect color for you, you must check out the innumerable stores sprawled all over Japan. But more about that later. All that will answer your query of- how to find the perfect fitting bra in Japan.

The Japanese bras are really big on embellishments. You can find lace, frills, bows, appliquéd flowers and even kawaii designs.

Another distinctive feature of Japanese bras is their heavy padding. The padding may make it seem like the bra is big enough for you, but it's often not.

As I mentioned before, Japanese women’s breasts fall in the range of B to D cups (the Japanese size), therefore a little extra padding hurts no one. Got the answer to how to find the perfect fitting bra in Japan?

How Are Japanese Bras Different From Western?

my bra band feels tight
Source: Unsplash

Perfect Fitting Bras!

It's a dream come true if you've resolved your issue of how to find the perfect fitting bra in Japan. I hope this article helped you with the same!

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