10 Best Japanese Suit Brands: Unveiling Top Sartorial Masters

10 Best Japanese Suit Brands: Unveiling Top Sartorial Masters

Apr 15, 2024Rasmiya Assadi

Looking for a dapper suit in Japan? Here are the best Japanese suit brands. Find the one that suits you best!

Sharp style meets meticulous craft. Japan boasts a rich heritage of suiting, offering brands for every taste. Whether you seek timeless elegance or fashion-forward flair, explore our guide to the best Japanese suit brands for a look that commands respect.

Key Takeaways

  • Japanese suit brands are renowned for their quality and distinctive styles.
  • There is a brand to suit every individual’s taste and budget.
  • These brands have a strong international presence and cater to various suit needs.

Which is the best Japanese suit brand?

In my search for impeccable tailoring, I gravitate towards Ring Jacket—a brand synonymous with excellence in Japanese suiting. Crafting suits that radiate sophistication, they strike a delicate balance between comfort and sartorial precision. The attire effortlessly supports movement, ensuring a wearer's poise and ease, irrespective of the occasion.

Popular Japanese Suit Brands for Men

AOKI Holdings

I've noticed that AOKI Holdings stands out in the Japanese fashion landscape. This conglomerate shines with its extensive fashion retail stores, having a firm grip on men's formal wear, particularly suits. 

Their offerings reflect a seamless blend of professionalism and modern style trends, ensuring that customers not only find a suit but a statement of personal brand and confidence.

Aoyama Shouji

Aoyama Shouji, a name synonymous with sophistication, maintains a prominent place among Japanese tailoring brands. 

Their expertise lies in the blend of time-honored tailoring customs with current trends, offering men an array of suits that celebrate both legacy and contemporary fashion sensibilities.



When it comes to durable and stylish menswear, Konaka holds its ground firmly. They are known for their attention to detail and dedication to quality. 

Their suits are tailored to perfection, combining classic craftsmanship with modern design elements, making them quite popular for their broad appeal to the fashion-conscious man.



Excellence in shirt-making is the hallmark of Yamaki, a virtuoso in men’s business and casual shirts. 

Yamaki has earned a place in almost every wardrobe with its market dominance and commitment to quality, boasting an impressive distribution network across department stores and menswear outlets.

Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd.

Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd., situated in Tokyo, stands apart for its well-established presence in menswear. 

Relying on their robust department store distribution, they offer a prime selection of menswear, from their venerable main lines to licensed offerings from internationally recognized brands.


Taka's approach to menswear is refreshing and current. Their suits are designed to enhance the wearer's presence and credibility in the workplace, with a special focus on Italian flair and style diversity. 

The brand also ensures that comfort isn't sacrificed for style, making its offerings both practical and fashion-forward.

Haruyama Holdings

Haruyama Holdings has carved out a significant niche in the Japanese suit market, particularly within the Kanto region and westward. 

They offer quality suits at competitive prices, a business model that has proven successful online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Their youthful collaborations have also injected a surge of appeal among younger demographics.

Ginza Yamagataya

My appreciation for craftsmanship leads me to Ginza Yamagataya, with its impressive lineage of over a century in the tailoring business. 

Their made-to-measure suits exhibit the timelessness of fashion trends tailored in domestic workshops, ensuring that every customer dons a garment steeped in history yet contemporary in style.


Lastly, Only Co., Ltd., retailing under various brands, caters to men's fashion with a dynamic array of business suits. Their offerings stand out for being affordable yet high-quality, with an acute sensitivity to changing fashion dynamics. 

The brand's wide range of suit styles and customization options renders it an attractive choice for the fashion-conscious businessman.

Which are the Top-Rated Japanese Suit Labels?

When it comes to quality and craftsmanship in men's fashion, several Japanese suit brands stand out. 

Some of the most esteemed labels include Ring Jacket, widely acclaimed for its craftsmanship, and Sanyo Shokai, noted for merging classic techniques with modern design. 

Men interested in adding a touch of Japanese sophistication to their wardrobe have a wealth of options to explore.

How to Find Budget-Friendly Suits in Tokyo?

Those shopping on a budget can find affordable suits in places like Aoyama Shouji and Taka, both known for their stylish yet cost-effective options. 

In addition to these, Uniqlo offers casual blazers and suits that meet the needs of those looking for fast fashion options at a lower price point without compromising on style.

Is there Bespoke Tailoring in Tokyo?

For those seeking custom-made suits, Tokyo's bespoke tailoring scene is impressive. I can attest to the exceptional quality and service provided by the tailors in Ginza and Shinjuku neighborhoods. 

Tailors at Ginza Yamagataya are known for their meticulous attention to detail and personalized service.

Which are best suit stores for Salarymen in Japan?

Salarymen in Japan typically patronize brands that blend quality with practicality. One such brand is Konaka, where you can find a range of suits that are ideal for daily wear. 

These stores often provide high-quality garments at prices that do not break the bank.

World-Class Business Attire Tailoring in Japan

Japan offers tailoring services that compete on a global level. Brands such as Ring Jacket cater to professionals seeking world-class business attire, ensuring an impeccable fit and a refined look suitable for any corporate environment.

Suit Shopping Tips for Tokyo Visitors

Visitors in Tokyo should definitely consider suit shopping as part of their experience. Not only can I vouch for the superior fit and quality of Japanese suits, but the uniqueness of the designs and fabrics used can also add a distinctive edge to your wardrobe.

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