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45 Cool Japanese Names Meaning Raven

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Here are Japanese names meaning raven. Check it out! 

In the fascinating tapestry of Japanese names, some threads are woven with the dark and captivating essence of the raven. 

This article embarks on a journey to unravel the meanings and stories behind these names, uncovering the power, wisdom, and mystery they hold. 

From the literal translations of the raven's name to evocative references to its mythology, we delve into a world where names become more than just words, but powerful symbols of a captivating creature.

Japanese Names Meaning Raven

Karasu (鴉)

Meaning: A direct translation of "raven," signifying strength and resilience.

Karasu-no-Kirari (鴉の煌)

Meaning: "Raven's brilliance," evoking intelligence and clarity.

Kurogane (黒金)

Meaning: Composed of "kuro" (black) and "kane" (metal), representing the raven's dark plumage and unwavering spirit.

Yoru (夜)

Meaning: "Night," reflecting the raven's association with the hidden and mysterious.

Yamato (倭)

Meaning: An ancient name meaning "great harmony," also associated with the raven as a symbol of unity and balance.

Yatsuka (八束)

Meaning: "Eight bundles," referencing the eight raven banners used in ancient Japanese ceremonies, symbolizing protection and power.

Karasuya (鴉谷)

Meaning: "Raven valley," evoking a sense of mystery and hidden power.

Karasuki (鴉樹)

Meaning: Composed of "karasu" (raven) and "ki" (tree), signifying strong roots and unwavering determination.

Kagemitsu (影光)

Meaning: "Shadow light," symbolizing the raven's duality and its ability to navigate both darkness and light.

Kuroi (黒い)

Meaning: "Black," reflecting the raven's striking appearance and its connection to the unknown.

Yamatotakeru (倭武)

Meaning: An ancient name meaning "brave warrior of Yamato," often associated with the legendary Prince Yamatotakeru who wore a raven feather cloak.

Yasuhiro (安浩)

Meaning: "Peaceful abundance," representing the raven's role as a protector and bringer of peace.

Kotaro (光太郎)

Meaning: "Bright and strong," suitable for both men and women, evoking the raven's wisdom and inner strength.

Fubuki (吹雪)

Meaning: "Blizzard," representing the raven's ability to weather storms and emerge victorious.

Kurai (暗い)

Meaning: "Dark," reflecting the raven's association with the unknown and the night.

Arashi (嵐)

Meaning: "Storm," symbolizing the raven's strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Tsubasa (翼)

Meaning: "Wings," representing the raven's freedom and ability to soar above challenges.

Ketsueki (血液)

Meaning: "Blood," signifying the raven's connection to life and the power of transformation.

Yoruga (夜伽)

Meaning: "Night companion," evoking a sense of comfort and protection.

Kurotsubaki (黒椿)

Meaning: "Black camellia," symbolizing beauty and mystery, often associated with the raven.

Karasumaru (鴉丸)

Meaning: "Raven circle," representing strength and unity.

Kurogane no Tsurugi (黒金の剣)

Meaning: "Sword of black metal," symbolizing bravery and power.

Yamikiri (山霧)

Meaning: "Mountain mist," evoking a sense of wisdom and obscurity.

Karasute (鴉手)

Meaning: "Raven hand," signifying skill and dexterity.

Kuroi Ryu (黒い龍)

Meaning: "Black dragon," representing strength, power, and leadership.

Yoru no Kagami (夜の鏡)

Meaning: "Mirror of the night," symbolizing the ability to see through darkness and discern truth.

Kuroi Tsubasa (黒い翼)

Meaning: "Black wings," symbolizing freedom and the ability to rise above limitations.

Kage no Yoru (影の夜)

Meaning: "Shadow of the night," representing mystery and hidden strength.

Yoru no Megami (夜の女神)

Meaning: "Goddess of the night," symbolizing wisdom, beauty, and the power of the moon.

Karasu no Uta (鴉の歌)

Meaning: "Song of the raven," representing freedom, expression, and the voice of the unknown.

Ten no Karasu (天の鴉)

Meaning: "Raven of the sky," symbolizing divine connection and the power to soar above the ordinary.

Karasu no Hana (鴉の花)

Meaning "Raven's flower," symbolizing beauty blooming in unexpected places.

Yamikaze (山風)

Meaning "Mountain wind," evoking the raven's freedom and ability to navigate through challenging terrains.

Kokū (虚空)

Meaning "Emptiness," reflecting the raven's association with the unknown and the vastness of the universe.

Yami no Megami (闇の女神)

Meaning "Goddess of darkness," symbolizing mystery, power, and the hidden potential within.

Ketsueki no Niji (血液の虹)

\Meaning "Rainbow of blood," representing transformation, rebirth, and the power to rise above adversity.

Hagakure (葉隠)

Meaning "Hidden in the leaves," symbolizing the raven's ability to observe unseen and act with stealth.

Karasu no Tsubasa (鴉の翼)

Meaning "Raven's wings," representing freedom, strength, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Ten no Karasu (天の鴉)

Meaning "Raven of the sky," symbolizing divine connection, wisdom, and the ability to see beyond the ordinary.

Kurogane no Ryu (黒金の竜)

Meaning "Black metal dragon," representing strength, power, and unwavering determination.

Kagami no Yoru (鏡の夜)

Meaning "Mirror of the night," symbolizing the ability to see through darkness and understand hidden truths.

Yoru no Ou (夜の王)

Meaning "King of the night," symbolizing leadership, power, and the ability to rule over the darkness.

Kage no Mori (影の森)

Meaning "Forest of shadows," symbolizing mystery, intrigue, and the power to find strength in the unknown.

Kurohikari (黒光)

Meaning "Black light," representing the duality of the raven, encompassing both darkness and hidden potential.

Yoru no Hoshi (夜の星)

Meaning "Star of the night," symbolizing hope, guidance, and the ability to shine brightly even in the darkest of times.

Karasu no Uta (鴉の歌)

Meaning "Song of the raven," representing freedom, self-expression, and the unique voice of the individual.

Yoru no Kaze (夜の風)

Meaning "Wind of the night," symbolizing change, transformation, and the power to move forward with grace and agility.

Yamikiri no Tsurugi (山霧の剣)

Meaning "Sword of the mountain mist," representing wisdom, sharpness, and the ability to navigate through life's challenges with precision.


As we conclude our exploration of Japanese names inspired by the raven, we are left with a deeper appreciation for the symbolic richness and cultural significance of this enigmatic bird.

Each name, like a brushstroke on a canvas, paints a vivid picture of the raven's power, wisdom, and connection to the unseen realms.

From the fierce warrior connotations to the gentle whispers of night, these names carry the echoes of ancient myths and legends, reminding us of the profound impact the raven has had on Japanese culture.

May these names continue to inspire, empower, and guide future generations, forever reminding us of the beauty and mystery that lies hidden within the raven's call.

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