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40 Japanese Names Meaning Galaxy

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Here are beautiful Japanese names meaning Galaxy! Check it out!

Japanese names often reflect the beauty and depth of nature and the cosmos. For those seeking a name that resonates with the vastness and mystery of the galaxy, Japanese offers a range of options.

Here, we explore 40 Japanese names that directly mean "galaxy" or contain elements evocative of the cosmos.

Japanese Names Meaning Galaxy

Ginga (銀河) - This name directly translates to "galaxy" in Japanese, representing the vast celestial bodies in space.

Takamitsu (高光) - "Takamitsu" can mean "high light," suggesting something shining brightly or a high level of enlightenment.

Hoshimi (星美) - This name combines the characters for "star" and "beauty," symbolizing a beautiful starry sky.

Amanogawa (天の川) - Translated as "Milky Way," this name evokes the image of the galaxy in Japanese mythology.

Gingetsu (銀月) - "Gingetsu" means "silver moon," possibly implying a moon that shines as brightly as silver.

Hoshino (星野) - Combining "star" and "field," this name suggests a field of stars, indicating a vast and open space.

Gingetsusai (銀月彩) - This name can be interpreted as "silver moon color," perhaps referring to a color as bright and pure as the moon.

Gingetsusora (銀月空) - Meaning "silver moon sky," this name conjures images of a sky illuminated by a silver moon.

Gingakei (銀河景) - "Gingakei" translates to "galaxy scenery," possibly indicating a picturesque view of the galaxy.

Ginganami (銀河波) - This name means "galaxy wave," suggesting a dynamic and flowing aspect of the galaxy.

Gingasora (銀河空) - Similar to "Gingetsusora," this name means "galaxy sky," representing the vastness of the galaxy.

Gingasen (銀河線) - "Gingasen" translates to "galaxy line," possibly indicating a clear and defined path through the galaxy.

Gingayami (銀河闇) - Meaning "galaxy darkness," this name might suggest a mysterious or hidden aspect of the galaxy.

Ginganiji (銀河虹) - "Ginganiji" can be interpreted as "galaxy rainbow," possibly symbolizing the beauty and diversity within the galaxy.

Gingakeifu (銀河軽風) - This name means "galaxy light breeze," evoking a gentle and refreshing aspect of the galaxy.

Gingasou (銀河草) - "Gingasou" translates to "galaxy grass," possibly indicating a natural and harmonious aspect of the galaxy.

Gingaishi (銀河石) - Meaning "galaxy stone," this name might symbolize the solid and enduring nature of the galaxy.

Gingakeiun (銀河軽雲) - This name can be interpreted as "galaxy light cloud," suggesting a soft and dreamy aspect of the galaxy.

Gingateki (銀河的) - "Gingateki" means "galaxy-like," possibly indicating someone with qualities similar to those of the galaxy, such as vastness or beauty.

Gingazuki (銀河月) - Translated as "galaxy moon," this name might symbolize a moon within the galaxy, possibly hinting at a unique or special individual.

Gingahikari (銀河光) - This name means "galaxy light," possibly symbolizing the illuminating and guiding aspects of the galaxy.

Gingahana (銀河花) - Meaning "galaxy flower," this name could symbolize the beauty and variety within the galaxy.

Gingakaze (銀河風) - "Gingakaze" translates to "galaxy wind," possibly indicating a gentle and soothing aspect of the galaxy.

Gingakage (銀河影) - This name means "galaxy shadow," suggesting a mysterious or unseen aspect of the galaxy.

Gingaryuu (銀河流) - Meaning "galaxy flow," this name might symbolize the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the galaxy.

Gingaboshi (銀河星) - "Gingaboshi" can be interpreted as "galaxy star," possibly indicating a star within the galaxy, suggesting uniqueness or prominence.

Gingamizu (銀河水) - This name means "galaxy water," possibly symbolizing the fluid and adaptable nature of the galaxy.

Gingakiri (銀河霧) - Meaning "galaxy mist," this name could suggest a mysterious or ethereal aspect of the galaxy.

Gingachou (銀河蝶) - "Gingachou" translates to "galaxy butterfly," possibly indicating a delicate and transformative aspect of the galaxy.

Gingarai (銀河雷) - This name means "galaxy thunder," suggesting a powerful and energetic aspect of the galaxy.

Gingasetsu (銀河雪) - Meaning "galaxy snow," this name might symbolize the purity and beauty of the galaxy.

Gingamai (銀河舞) - "Gingamai" translates to "galaxy dance," possibly indicating a lively and celebratory aspect of the galaxy.

Gingazan (銀河山) - This name means "galaxy mountain," suggesting a towering and majestic aspect of the galaxy.

Gingaen (銀河煙) - Meaning "galaxy smoke," this name could symbolize the ephemeral and transient nature of the galaxy.

Gingakuma (銀河熊) - "Gingakuma" translates to "galaxy bear," possibly indicating a strong and protective aspect of the galaxy.

Gingatou (銀河塔) - This name means "galaxy tower," suggesting a tall and enduring aspect of the galaxy.

Gingahono (銀河炎) - Meaning "galaxy flame," this name might symbolize the passion and intensity within the galaxy.

Gingamichi (銀河道) - "Gingamichi" translates to "galaxy path," possibly indicating a clear and purposeful aspect of the galaxy.

Gingakan (銀河館) - This name means "galaxy mansion," suggesting a grand and expansive aspect of the galaxy.

Gingaon (銀河音) - Meaning "galaxy sound," this name could symbolize the harmonious and melodious aspects of the galaxy.


In Japanese culture, the galaxy represents a source of wonder and inspiration. Naming a child after the galaxy can symbolize a hope for a bright and expansive future. These names not only sound beautiful but also carry profound meanings, making them a fitting choice for anyone captivated by the mysteries of the universe.

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