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Japanese Names Of Characters From Fire Force

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Are you a fire force anime fan? Then you’ll want to know the Japanese names of characters from Fire Force. Check it out!

Engulf yourself in the blazing world of "Fire Force" with our guide to the Japanese names of its fiery characters.

Each name holds a spark of significance, reflecting the abilities and spirits of the Special Fire Force members. Unravel the meanings and intentions behind the names that light up this incendiary series.

Japanese Names Of Characters From Fire Force

Shinra Kusakabe (森シン羅ラ 日クサ下カ部ベ/日下部クサカベ 森シン羅ラ, Shinra Kusakabe/ Kusakabe Shinra)

Shinra Kusakabe has proven to be the strongest of the Special Fire Force Company 8. It has been his lifelong dream to become a hero, and in order to fulfil this dream, he joins the Special Fire Force after the death of his mother and younger brother. 

After the traumatizing incident of losing his family to the fire, he developed the habit of involuntarily smiling when upset.

As the series progresses, he is referred to by multiple names, including Devil (悪魔, Akuma), Devil's Footprints (悪魔の足跡, Akuma no Ashiato), Hero (ヒーロー, Hīrō), God (上帝), Shinrabanshō-Man (森シン羅ラ万バン象ショウ男マン, Shinrabanshō-man).

Arthur Boyle (アーサー・ボイル, Āsā Boiru) 

Arthus Boyle is a member of the Special Fire Force Company 8. He was left behind by his parents after their restaurant burned down and they left to travel the world. 

He possesses great physical strength, incredible speed, durability, and stamina. He is delusional as well and is often in his own fantasy world. This makes him more powerful and stronger. 

Iris (アイリス, Airisu)

Iris is another member of the Special Fire Force Company 8. She is a former sister from the Holy Sol Temple and one of the only two survivors of the convent fire. She is initially unaware that she is the Eighth Pillar and the Doppelganger of the First Pillar. 

She doesn’t possess any powers like some of the other members of the force, however, she joins as a medic. She often is seen praying for dying Infernals in the hope that they may find peace in their final moments. In the series, she is also referred to as Sister Iris (シスター・アイリス, Shisutā Airisu) and Angel (天使, Tenshi).

Maki Oze (茉希マキ 尾瀬オゼ, Maki Oze)

Maki Oze is a second generation pyrokinetic. She served in the Tokyo Army before joining the Special Fire Force Company 8. She is also referred to as Witch Queen (魔女, Majo) in the series. 

She is often praised for her combat skills, especially when she easily takes on Arthur in one on one combat. She is an incredibly powerful second generation pyrokinetic and has the ability to control flames even from a long distance. 

Takehisa Hinawa (武久タケヒサ 火ヒ縄ナワ, Takehisa Hinawa)

Takehisa Hinawa is a Second Generation Company 8 Lieutenant, who was previously a sergeant in the armed forces. 

In the series, he is able to control the fiery flames with the use of his firearms. He is also able to slow down the movements of Infernals with his Special Fire Extinguishing Bullet. 

Akitaru Ōbi (秋アキ樽タル 桜オウ備ビ/桜オウ備ビ 秋アキ樽タル, Akitaru Ōbi/ Ōbi Akitaru)

Akitaru Obi was previously the captain of Tokyo’s Special Fire Force Company 8. He was a firefighter. He is another non-powered member of Company 8. 

He is a brave individual who never fears getting close to an Infernal,  sometimes even physically fighting them. He is often working out and building his body. He is usually calm and joyful, however, he can become furious when he sees human lives being played with. 

Tamaki Kotatsu (環タマ古キ 達コタツ, Tamaki Kotatsu)

Tamaki Kotatsu was previously a Fire Soldier in Special Fire Force Company 1. After being suspended for her association with Rekka Hoshimiya, she was transferred and disciplined under Special Fire Force Company 8. 

She is often caught in the middle of unpleasant situations that she calls “Lucky Lecher Lure Syndrome”. She develops feelings for Shinra after he rescues her from Rekka.

Joker (ジョーカー, Jōkā)

Joker is a criminal on the run in the series. He is a Third Generation pyrokinetic and serves as the Fourth Pillar’s guardian.

After being abandoned as a child, he was raised in the assassin group of Holy Sol’s Shadow. He loses his left eye when experiencing an Adolla Link. 

He is amazingly skilled in hand to hand combat and is known to be very skilful with a knife. He also displays immense physical strength and speed. 

Viktor Licht (ヴィクトル・リヒト, Vuikutoru Rihito)

Viktor Licht is the scientist of Special Fire Force Company 8. He is known for his intelligence and incredible knowledge of chemistry. He was previously the Head of Incendiary Research at Haijima Industries. 

Leonard Burns (レオナルド・バーンズ, Reonarudo Bānzu)

Leonard Burns is the former captain of the Special Fire Force Company 1. He is a priest who worked for the church. However, after encountering the Evangelist, his faith in the Holy Sol Temple was shaken. 

His most prominent feature is the eyepatch that he wears over his right eye, which is the result of experiencing an Adolla Link. He is a veteran Fire soldier and possesses amazing abilities. 

He is known for his immense durability and for being a master at hand to hand combat. 

Rekka Hoshimiya (烈レッ火カ 星宮ホシミヤ, Rekka Hoshimiya)

Rekka Hoshimiya is a White Clad member who tries to find people with an Adolla Burst using a secret bug. He was raised by Sister Sumire.

He is a Third Generation pyrokinetic who can produce flames from his arms. He is also very strong and is a skilled martial artist. He also is able to dodge attacks with his brilliant reflexes. 

Karim Flam (カリム・フラム, Karimu Furamu)

Karim Flam is a Second Generation Lieutenant who is part of the Special Fire Force Company 1. He was also previously a priest.

He is able to turn heat energy into sound energy using a special musical instrument. He can also use this instrument to freeze his opponents by turning it to ice. A prominent feature of Karim is his unusual speech pattern. 

Huo Yan Li (フォイエン・リィ, Foien Ryi)

Huo Yan Li is a former captain of Special Fire Force Company 1. He is also a Third Generation pyrokinetic. He is the main priest of Company 1. Even single handed, he is skilled in hand to hand combat and can kill an Infernal with much ease.

Takeru Noto (武タケ能ル 登ノト, Takeru Noto)

Takeru Noto is a Third Generation pyrokinetic who is a part of the Special Fire Force Company 2. He is often referred to by his nickname "Juggernaut" (ジャガーノート, Jagānōto).

He specializes in long distance combat and can somehow regenerate his body. This is seen when he emerged unharmed after being ripped apart by Hajiki. 

Hibana (火華, Hibana)

Hibana is also referred to as Princess Hibana (プリンセス火華, Purinsesu Hibana) in the series. She is a Third Generation pyrokinetic and also captain of the Special Fire Force Company 5. 

She goes by many names, including Princess, One-sama, Muse (Self-Proclaimed), Venus (Self-Proclaimed), and Sister Hibana (シスター火華 (シスター・ヒバナ), Shisutā Hibana).

She is known to generate flower shaped flames with her hands or fan. She calls this Clematis. She can also alter surrounding temperatures. 

Tōru Kishiri (トオル 岸キシ里リ, Tōru Kishiri)

Toru Kishiri is a Third Generation Fire Soldier who is a part of the Special Fire force Company 5. He has the ability to fill bubblegum balloons with flammable gas to cause explosions. 

Benimaru Shinmon (新シン門モン 紅ベニ丸マル, Shinmon Benimaru)

Benimaru Shinmon is a hybrid between a Second Generation and Third Generation pyrokinetic. He is also the captain of the Special Fire Force Company 7. 

He is also known as "Asakusa's King of Destruction"  because of his immense strength. He is said to be the strongest officer in the Special Fire Force. He is also known for his incredible speed and durability. 

Konro Sagamiya (相サ模ガミ屋ヤ 紺コン炉ロ, Sagamiya Konro)

Konro Sagamiya is a Third Generation pyrokinetic who is also the lieutenant of the Special Fire Force Company 7. 

He is loyal to Benimaru Shinmon and is ready to sacrifice his life for him. His abilities enable him to generate flames on his shoulders and forearms. He later develops Tephrosis as a result of overusing his ignition ability. 

Vulcan Joseph (ヴァルカン・ジョゼフ, Barukan Jōsefu)

Vulcan Joeseph is an engineer in the Special Fire Force Company 8. He goes by many names like God of Fire and Smithing (炎と鍛冶の神, Honō To Kaji No Kami). 

He is extremely gifted when it comes to knowledge and passion for engineering. He is also good at physical combat since he undergoes intense physical training. 

Lisa Isaribi (リサ漁辺, Risa Isaribi)

Lisa Isaribi is a third Generation pyrokinetic who is also a part of the Special Fire Force Company 8. During her time with the Knights of the Ashen Flame, she was also known as Feeler. She has the ignition ability to create octopus like tentacles that can strike her opponents. 

Yū (ユウ, Yū)

Yu is a young boy who works for Vulcan as an apprentice. He has a keen interest in mechanics and machines and works at Vulcan's workshop. 

Japanese Names of Characters From Fire Force: FAQs

What is the Japanese name for Fire Force?

Fire Force is called ‘Enn Enn No Shōbōtai' (炎炎ノ消防隊) in Japanese.

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