How Many Episodes Of Demon Slayer Are There

How Many Episodes Of Demon Slayer Are There?

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Want to know how many episodes of demon slayer are there in total? Here’s a breakdown of demon slayer episodes. Check it out!

Craving the dazzling animation and heart-stopping action of Demon Slayer? Wondering how much epic adventure awaits you? Fear not, demon-slayers! Buckle up for a breakdown of 55 thrilling episodes across three seasons (including the cinematic Mugen Train Arc) ready to slay your boredom! ⚔️

demon slayer all episodes

How Many Episodes Of Demon Slayer Are There?

Across its three seasons (including the Entertainment District Arc movie), Demon Slayer boasts a total of 55 gripping episodes to slay your boredom! ⚔️

demon slayer season episodes

how many episodes Are There in demon slayer season 1?

Demon Slayer season 1, also known as Kimetsu no Yaiba, has a total of 26 episodes, filled with stunning animation and heart-pounding action!

Here's the full list of Demon Slayer Season 1 episodes:

No  Episode Title Synopsis
1 Cruelty Tanjiro Kamado is a young boy who sells coals to make ends meet. When he returns home he finds his family slaughtered by demons. He saves his sister, Nezuko, and travels away but she growls at him.
2 Trainer Sakonji Urokodaki He learns that Nezuko is turning into a demon. When they’re in the temple, Tanjiro smells blood and encounters a demon. He tries to fight it but it’s too strong and he’s saved by someone.
3 Sabito and Makomo Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Corps which is an organization that hunts demons. He trains under Sakonji Urodaki and learns to overcome countless trials.
4 Final Selection To pass the final test, a participant must fight the demons in Mt. Fujikasane. Tanjiro slays all the demons successfully but a strange demon appears in front of him.
5 My Own Steel Only four participants are left after the final test and they’re provided with uniforms and Kasugai Crows. They must also select ore for their swords and Tanjiro chooses one.
6 Swordsman Accompanying a Demon Tanjiro is officially a Demon Slayer and is assigned for his first mission. He must investigate in a town where girls disappear every night. He meets Kazumi whose girlfriend is missing and Tanjiro suspects the demons.
7 Muzan Kibutsuji Tanjiro is trapped by three demons and Nezuko turns into a full demon and attacks him. He follows the other demon to a swamp and finds someone there.
8 The Smell of Enchanting Blood Tanjiro’s next mission is in Asakusa, Tokyo and he’s mesmerized by the city. However, he could smell the demon’s scent and it was Muzan Kibutsuji. Tanjiro attempts to fight Muzan but things take a wild turn.
9 Temari Demon and Arrow Demon Two demons called Tamayo and Yushiro rescue Tanjiro from the situation. He learns from them that demons can return back to their human form but then are attacked by demons.
10 Together Forever Tanjiro uses multiple techniques to fight against Yahaba’s final Blood Demon Art. In the interim, Susamaru and Nezuko are fighting while Tamayo releases her Blood Demon Art.
11 Tsuzumi Mansion Tanjiro’s next mission is in the southeast where he meets his Final Selection mate, Zenitsu Agatsuma. They both head to the mountains where they find two children whose older brother is taken away and Zenitsu hears a tsuzumi.
12 The Boar Bares its Fangs, Zenitsu Sleeps They follow the tsuzumi’s sound inside a spinning room, and both Tanjiro and Zenitsu are separated. Zenitsu struggles without Tanjiro while he meets a human-looking demon with a boar’s mask.
13 Something More Important Than Life The demon plays the tsuzumi which causes the room to spin and Tanjiro struggles to be steady. Tanjiro attempts to muster the energy to fight but he’s attacked by Kyogai’s Blood Demon Art.
14 The House With The Wisteria Family Crest Tanjiro manages to win the fight and he finds Zenitsu outside the house with a box that contains Nezuko. But Zenitsu is blocked by the boar head masked man with Nichirin swords.
15 Mount Natagumo Their next mission is in Mt. Natagumo which is covered with cobwebs and numerous spiders. Tanjiro and Inosuke continue traveling only to find other Demon Slayers tangled in cobwebs.
16 Letting Someone Else Go First They battle the entangled Demon Slayers by slashing their webs. They travel further into the mountain and find thicker webs. Unable to control the Demon Slayers, Tanjiro performs a new move.
17 You Must Master A Single Thing Tanjiro finally slays the Mother Spider Demon and learns that there’s a demon that has the cure to turn Nezuko into a human. He travels deeper into the forest and finds a strange spider with a human face.
18 A Forged Bond Tanjiro and Inosuke fight the Father Spider Demon but Tanjiro gets thrown away to a river nearby. There he finds a demon named Rui abusing the Sister Spider Demon. Tanjiro then starts to fight with Rui.
19 Hinokami The swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps reached Mt. Natagumo and they start fighting against the Spider Demons. However, Zenitsu is still clinging to life while the poison circulates in his body.
20 Pretend Family Rui attacks Tanjiro with his Blood Demon Art and Tanjiro sees his past memories. He gains consciousness and uses a new technique to behead Rui. Tanjiro goes to Nezuko who’s critically injured and finds someone appearing before him.
21 Against Corps Rules Rui witnesses Tanjiro saving Nezuko and remembers his past when he became a demon by taking Muzan’s blood and how his parents tried to kill him. After all, Rui only seeks a loving family for himself.
22 Master of The Mansion After the battle, Tanjiro, and Nezuko are taken to the Demon Slayer Corps where he’s accused of saving a demon’s life. 
23 Hashira Meeting The Demon Slayer Corps leader, Ubuyashiki forgives Tanjiro and allows them to stay. However, the five Hashira are against it and one of them cut their hand to prove Nezuko’s a demon.
24 Rehabilitation Training Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu are taking treatment for their injuries. After two weeks they’re sent to rehabilitation training.
25 Tsuguko Kanao Tsuyuri Tanjiro attempts to master breathing techniques in rehabilitation training. Zenitsu and Inosuke also follow him.
26 New Mission Muzan Kibutsuji assembles the demons who are waiting to make their next move. Meanwhile, Tanjiro finishes training and receives his next mission.
demon slayer season 2 episodes

how many episodes are There in demon slayer season 2?

in total, Demon Slayer's "season 2" has 18 episodes across both the Mugen Train and Entertainment District arcs. It's an action-packed and emotionally resonant continuation of Tanjiro's journey, offering more stunning animation, memorable characters, and intense battles against demons.

Demon Slayer's "season 2" is actually a bit more complex than a typical season! It technically consists of two parts:

  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train Arc: This part retells the events of the Mugen Train movie in seven stunning episodes, airing from October to December 2021. It's a captivating re-experience of the movie with some added scenes and fleshed-out character moments.
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Entertainment District Arc: This is the more traditional "season 2" part, with 11 original episodes that aired from December 2021 to February 2022. It follows Tanjiro and his comrades as they tackle a new mission in the bustling Yoshiwara district.

List of Episodes from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 (2021- present)

No Episode Title Synopsis
27 Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku The Flame Hashira is assigned a new mission where he travels to Mugen Train to investigate the missing cases of 40 people.
28 Deep Sleep  Tanjiro’s group has arrived at the Mugen Train where they fight Rengoku. A new battle is going to take place in the train filled with passengers.

29 Should Have Been Tanjiro and his team face Rengoku and are consciously waiting for more demons to appear. But they doze off and Tanjiro reminisces about his lost family. However, they’re trapped by Enmu.
30 Insult Enmu tries to destroy the cores of Tanjiro and his team but Tanjiro realizes he’s trapped in sleep and tries to wake up by cutting his neck with his sword.
31 Move Forward Tanjiro wakes up to fight Enmu and learns he’s harming the passengers. He beheads Enmu and learns that the Mugen Train is fused by Enmu.
32 Akaza Tanjiro’s mates protect the passengers while Tanjiro and Inosuke find Enmu’s neck to halt his Blood Demon Art. However, the train derails leaving the passengers' lives at stake.
33 Set Your Heart Ablaze After killing Enmu, a demon named Akaza appears which attacks Tanjiro and Rengoku. Akaza indoctrinates Rengoku to turn into a demon, to which he refuses and is attacked by Akaza.
34 Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui After events occurred in Mugen Train, Tanjiro visits Rengoku’s family to convey his final message, and then Tanjiro and his group arrive at the Butterfly Mansion.
35 Infiltrating The Entertainment District Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke encounter Tengen Uzui taking Naho and Aoi on a mission they hesitate to go. Tanjiro and his friends decide to go with Tengen instead and they head to the Entertainment District.
36 What Are You? They arrive at the Entertainment District and intrude the houses where Tengen’s wives work. While looking for their whereabouts they find one of Tengen’s wives named Makio, shutting everyone out.
37 Tonight Zenitsu goes missing while Tanjiro and Inosuke investigate the houses. They search for demon signs and Tanjiro finds the Upper Rank Six in Tokito House.
38 Things Are Gonna Get Real Flashy Tanjiro attempts to use the Hinokami Kagura technique but he fails. Meanwhile, Inosuke and Tengen find the place where Tengen’s wives, Zenitsu, and other victims are held, hostage.
39 Layered Memories Tanjiro furiously confronts Daki and uses Hinokami Kagura on her but he loses control. Daki attempts to kill him but Nezuko appears as a full demon to save Tanjiro.
40 Transformation Nezuko fights Daki nonstop and she’s overwhelmed. Tegen beheads Daki but her other half is still fighting them.
41 Gathering Tanjiro and his friends fight Daki and Gyutaro, the holders of Upper-Rank Six. They successfully overwhelm the Demon Slayers by releasing synchronized attacks at them.
42 Defeating an Upper-Rank Demon The Demon Slayers are struggling to keep up with the Upper-Rank Six. Gyutaro releases a Blood Demon Art that’s too powerful. Tanjiro and his friends defeat Daki but the Upper Rank retaliates.
43 Never Give Up Tanjiro and his friends are critically wounded. Despite their ordeal, they team up to fight the Upper-Rank Six and successfully wound them by decapitating their holders.

Is Demon Slayer having a season 2?

The fan-favorite Demon Slayer anime finished airing its first season in September 2019. Fans were excited that a second season of the Demon Slayer was released in October 2021 and is still running to this day. The episodes air every Sunday and so far there has been a total of 18 episodes in season 2.

How many episodes of Demon Slayer season 2 are out?

The mega-hit and loving Demon Slayer has recently released its 2nd season in October 2021 and the episodes are set to air on Sundays only. As of February 2022, there are a total of 18 episodes from the 2nd season of Demon Slayer.

How many episodes are there in Demon Slayer season 1?

The Demon Slayer season 1 was initially released in September 2019 and the second season was released in October 2021. The first season of Demon Slayer consists of a total of 26 episodes.

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