7 Spectacular Black Anime Characters

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Looking for spectacular Black anime characters? Well, you’re at the right place! Check out the most iconic Black anime characters that you’d fall in love with. Read further to know more about them. 

Black History Month is an excellent opportunity to discuss Black anime characters who demonstrate Black excellence. For many years, Black people have been drawn to anime. Rza of the Wu-tang Clan dedicated a page to his son Goku in his book, The Tao of Wu



He drew comparisons between the super Saiyan son Goku's memory loss and Black people's departure from Africa and forgetting their lineage's strength.

Also, actor Michael B. Jordan has a Naruto-themed Coach collection.

Numerous Black cosplayers attend Anime conferences every year. The appearance and spirit of Black people have found their way into anime. Here are a few outstanding Black anime characters you should check out during Black History Month.

Spectacular Black Anime Characters


Piccolo is clearly Black, despite his bright green and pink physical appearance. He's a tactical fighter who's been dubbed one of the galaxy's "most brilliant warriors." Piccolo is attentive in everything he does, from his word choice to who he associates with. 

Piccolo was initially hell-bent on world dominance and defeating Goku. However,  He eventually becomes friends with Goku and learns to be nice and friendly to him.

He is a Namekian who was once the evil peer of Kami who came out after the fight between Goku and Demon King Piccolo who was his father. Piccolo is one of the most known Black anime characters in history. 


Canary was raised in the dangerous Meteor city. She’s one of the Black anime characters from Hunter x Hunter who have made their spot in the viewer’s heart. Many people believe that Canary knows how to use Nen but she hasn’t displayed any techniques. 

At the tender age of 10, Canary defeated Blacklist Hunter along with one hundred men without a single hesitation. She is a fiercely loyal and intelligent apprentice butler for the Zoldyck family. She quickly picks up fighting styles without even being taught. She can see them and then imitate them. 

Canary's job is important to her, but nothing is more important to her than protecting Killua which has caused quite a lot of differences with others. She might seem tough from the inside but has an extremely soft heart and shows affection to others.

Radical Edward

A cute prodigal who frequently speaks to herself in the third person is an excellent example of one of the Black anime characters from Cowboy Bebop. Edward is eccentric, quite often saying things that make no sense and running on all four limbs or bare feet.

She is an expert in computer science and a master hacker and is regarded as a child prodigy in original hacking from Earth. 

When she isn't doing that, she is competing against master chess players. Edward’s father’s name was Appledehli who was a cartographer. This happy-go-lucky girl might seem strange but is very capable. Ed is a breath of fresh air in the community of distinct Black anime characters.

Muhammad Avdol

Muhammad Avdol was seen in JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure and was one of the best sidekicks to the protagonist. He has a general sense of honor and enjoys crows and festivities. 

Avdol is an Egyptian Black anime character who is disciplined and is the best ally to take down a mighty bloodthirsty vampire. Avdol takes pleasure in being reliable and genuine. He despises the idea of casualties in battle and strives to make the best decision possible.

Avdol is willing to risk his life for his friends and be the voice of sanity for those that need it. Despite his strong sense of self, Avdol recognizes that he has aggression and works hard to manage it.

 He's a complex and well-rounded character. Avdol, in addition to his stunning personality, is also extremely competent and confident in trying to control flames. Muhammad Avdol is definitely one of the best Black anime characters on the list. 


Mugen is a vulgar and completely out of control boy from Samurai Champloo. He's a tough competitor who will take on anybody who dares to challenge him. Mugen is considered an antihero who has played a big part in the role. 

Whether it's a sword fight or a baseball game. Mugen's competitive spirit is regularly his ultimate downfall, as he is a big, poor loser. His character flaws, however, do not end there. Mugen is also a womanizer and a gambling addict. 

Mugen is unpredictable due to his chaotic energy. The audience is never sure what to make of him. He's one of the Black anime characters who keeps everyone guessing about their behavior. However, his character development is the most fun to watch. 

However, we have to give it to Mugen’s spirit as he would never bed for life and is always ready to right. 

Yoruichi Shihoin

Yoruichi Shihoin, the captain of the Second Division and former leader of the Onmitsukidō is both intelligent and playful. Yoruichi, despite being of noble blood, does not look down on those "below her."

She has a distinct ability to transform into a cute Black cat. Yoruichi isn't all fun and games, though as her character is quite intimidating. Yoruichi is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and has earned the moniker "Flash Goddess" due to her incredible speed.

She speaks in the adult dialect and has more of a masculine tone. Yoruichi also possesses lightning-like abilities, as she emits a massive wave of energy from her body. She is one of the most amazing Black anime characters from Bleach

Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai is amongst my favourite Black anime characters of all time. He goes on a journey to kill other samurais with his counterpart Ninja Ninja. 

When his father is murdered by another samurai, Afro seeks vengeance. He is willing to go to any length and utterly destroy as many enemies as it takes to confirm his revenge. Afro eliminates the notable Empty Seven Clan, a group of highly trained assassins, in order to become number one. 

Afro is a forceful, merciless man who is otherwise hardened as a result of being an orphan. This, combined with his skilled swordsmanship, makes him a hardcore Black anime character entertaining.

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