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10 Anime To Watch If You Like One Punch Man 2024

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Loved one punch man? Here are Anime To Watch If You Like One Punch Man to fill the giant one-punch-man-sized hole in your heart. Check it out!

Dive into the world of anime like One-Punch Man! Here, we explore a vibrant landscape where overpowered heroes defy expectations, hilarious gags punctuate epic battles, and the line between good and goofy blurs hilariously.

Get ready for unconventional heroes, outlandish villains, and side-splitting humor that'll leave you wanting one punch more!

Anime like One Punch Man: Quick Summary

Anime Like One Punch Man Genre  Editor’s Rating
Mob Psycho Action, Comedy, Supernatural 9/10
My Hero Academia Action, Adventure, Comedy 9/10
Death Note Mystery, Psychological Thriller 9/10
Assassination Classroom Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi 8/10
Bobobo- Bo Bo- Bobo Action, Adventure, Comedy 7.5/10

Anime To Watch If You Like One Punch Man

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is an iconic anime series that has captivated viewers for decades. 

The series follows protagonist Goku as he battles menacing villains and defends the Earth from destruction.

Goku is a powerful fighter, who can access even more powerful forms of martial arts and energy manipulation. 

He often must seek out powerful weapons or other means to defeat his opponents. The series is known for having intense battles and exciting fight scenes.

Dragon Ball Z is often regarded as one of the best entries in the shōnen genre, and has been hugely influential on many anime series after it. 

Fans of One Punch Man will probably find some similarities with Dragon Ball Z and its take on martial arts and fight scenes. 

As the protagonist of both shows is a powerful and determined warrior, the story arcs and conflicts often follow a similar pattern.

The battles in Dragon Ball Z are often interspersed with humorous moments and unique scenarios. 

For example, some episodes feature Goku and friends joining a police force to help hunt down and apprehend dangerous criminals, or joining forces with other powerful combatants for some creative solutions. 

While some of the humour can be quite childish, the show has a tendency to surprise viewers with unexpected twists and revelations.

The show also features an intriguing mythology and an intriguing cast of characters. 

Other than Goku, there are a number of allies and enemies that make up the main cast. All of these characters have their own backstories, goals, and motivations that add to the drama of the show's arcs and fight scenes. 

In particular, antagonists such as Frieza and Cell present new challenges and require Goku and his allies to rise to the occasion, creating some of the most jaw-dropping fights and battles ever seen in an anime.

Dragon Ball Z is an excellent anime similar to One Punch Man in terms of its reliance on martial arts and its exciting, over-the-top fight scenes. 

While Goku often faces opponents more powerful than himself, the show boasts a great variety of characters and a deep mythology that keeps viewers captivated and on the edge of their seats. 

For those who love intense battles and are looking for a great anime to dive into, Dragon Ball Z is a must-watch.


The anime "Overlord" is a perfect example of an anime with a similarly styled animation like "One Punch Man".

It follows the story of a master gamer named Momonga who is trapped inside of the game itself when the game's servers shut down.

With no way out, Momonga decides to make the best of his new situation and uses all of his available resources to make a new home inside the virtual world. 

What he finds is an incredibly powerful avatar with the ability to controll the NPCs and monsters that inhabit this world.

Combined with his intelligence, cunning, and battle strategy, Momonga finds himself to be far more powerful than before. 

With his newfound power, he sets his sights on ruling the land and becoming an overlord, a goal that not only brings him closer to being the absolute, invincible ruler of this new land, but also pushes him back against all those trying to challenge him.

Similar to "One Punch Man", "Overlord" also features a protagonist who is far more powerful than the common folk. A

s with the ‘heroes’ of One Punch Man, the original denizens of the game world Momonga befriends and fights against are far less powerful than him and his newly established overlord.

Much like "One Punch Man", the animation in "Overlord" also follows a highly stylized approach. 

From the colorful, fantasy-style environment to the detailed and beautifully drawn characters, viewers can truly appreciate the beauty that this world has to offer. 

The animation style truly stands out and helps to seat this anime among the greatest in regards to quality.

With a powerful protagonist and an eye-catching animation style, "Overlord" is the perfect anime to watch if you are looking for something like "One Punch Man" in terms of power and animation. 

It takes everything that makes ‘One Punch Man’ great and turns it into a captivating journey that viewers can enjoy. Whether you are looking for a show to pass the time with or one that you can truly appreciate, "Overlord" is undoubtedly the anime for you.

Kill La Kill

If you’re looking for an anime comparable to the action-comedy of One Punch Man, then Kill La Kill is an excellent choice.

Kill La Kill follows the story of Ryuko Matoi, a high school student searching for her father’s killer. Along the way, she uncovers a sinister conspiracy within her school. 

Taking a similar approach to One Punch Man, Kill La Kill employs a mix of action, comedy, and animation—all of which explore gripping topics like bullying, corruption, and personal growth.

While it takes itself more seriously than One Punch Man, Kill La Kill still exudes the same fun energy. Its characters are absurdly endearing, and its plot is unpredictable yet engaging. 

Ryuko finds herself alongside a colorful cast of characters: the mysterious Mako Mankanshoku, the calculating Satsuki Kiryuin, the conspiring Nudist Beach, and, of course, the show’s lovable resident fabricator Aikuro Mikisugi. 

Each of these characters adds something vital to the story and will keep you on your toes as you follow Ryuko’s journey.

The animation style of Kill La Kill is colorful, vibrant, and deeply expressive. Much of the comedy comes from physical comedy and exaggerated actions, making the animation all the more enjoyable. 

Plus, the fight scenes—which make up a huge part of the show—are fluid and frenetic, skillfully blending into each other and bringing the intensity of each brawl to life.

At its core, Kill La Kill is about self-discovery and rising up against impossible odds. It will leave you feeling just as exhilarated and entertained as One Punch Man. 

While it’s a bit darker in tone, it still packs plenty of bizarre humor and outrageous action. If you’re looking for a show that can match the fun of One Punch Man, Kill La Kill might just be it.

Inferno Cop

If you’re looking for an anime that has similar themes, action, and comedy like One Punch Man, then Inferno Cop is the perfect show for you. 

It’s a unique and off-the-wall series with a style that makes it completely one-of-a-kind, with episodes that only last about 3 minutes long.

So, you can even complete the entire series in one sitting!

Inferno Cop is about the titular character, who is a law enforcement officer from Hell - the first one to be hired from the underworld. 

He has an incredibly short temper but an indomitable spirit, so he wields awesome powers to execute justice. 

The show brings a new level of excitement and humor to the action genre as Inferno Cop battles killer robots, twisted thugs, and zombie families to protect his city.

This series is full of audacious moments and electric action scenes that are sure to keep you entertained. 

It’s filled with unexpected gags and bizarre situations, making it one of the most unique animes to watch. With its surprising plot twists and absurdity, it’s sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The art style of Inferno Cop is strictly 2D and hand-drawn, which works well in presenting the over-the-top, retro feel of this anime. 

The music is an awesome mix of ’80s style, dance, and rap that heightens the intensity of the action sequences. 

It’s a great juxtaposition when compared to the animation, which creates a sharp contrast between the themes of death and destruction that drive the show and the light-hearted tone of the accompanying music.

All in all, Inferno Cop is a spectacular anime that is sure to satisfy the needs of viewers searching for a show with similar themes, action, and comedy as One Punch Man. 

The characters are hilarious and the storylines are full of intensity. If you’re in the mood for a wild and crazy ride, then opt for Inferno Cop!

Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo, created by Shinichirō Watanabe, is an anime series beloved by many, particularly those interested in action-packed, historically themed samurai battles. 

The series disregards tradition like One Punch Man, and blends stunning samurai battles with beautiful rap and hip-hop music, creating an unique, one-of-a-kind experience. 

Set in Edo-era Japan, Samurai Champloo follows the adventures of three eclectic individuals, Mugen (a wild, rebellious Samurai), Jin (a calm, jaded rōnin Samurai), and Fuu (an overly optimistic waitress).

The soundtrack of Samurai Champloo creates an engaging atmosphere that is unlike any other anime. 

Composed by Nujabes and Fat Jon, the music ranges from slow, emotional hip-hop tracks laced with thoughtful lyrics, to fast-paced, climactic rap bangers with intense guitar riffs. 

The perfect balance of emotionally riveting beats and Japanese folklore allows the show to remain balanced between its more emotional moments and its brilliant fight sequences. 

At its core, despite its curious combination of genres, Samurai Champloo remains a tale of three individuals traveling together and learning more about themselves, their paths in life, and their relationships with each other. 

With thrilling action sequences and highly relatable, endearing character development, it’s a series with moments that tenderly tug at the heartstrings and scenes that will have viewers’ eyes glued to the screen in anticipation. 

Samurai Champloo is the perfect anime to watch for those searching to have their modern sensibilities satisfied and their historical interests fulfilled. 

With its ability to combine classic methods of storytelling and direction of Samurai films and television series, with a hip-hop infused, modern edge, it's sure to please even the most jaded of viewers. 

And for fans of One Punch Man, it offers an alternative take on the genre, allowing viewers to explore the unique world of Samurai Champloo.

Mob Psycho

This anime revolves around a middle school boy named Kageyama Shigeo who’s also known as Mob Kun. Mob is a shy and ordinary boy with a reserved character who has a boring personality.

But he possesses strong psychic powers that make him unbeatable and a dangerous person to deal with. However, Mob wishes to live an ordinary life where he doesn’t have to use his powers regularly or show off to people about his capabilities. 

Anime To Watch If You Like One Punch Man

Although Mob is not happy with his powers, he makes use of them to impress his childhood crush Tsubomi. He shows her various tricks like bending a spoon. However, Tsubomi becomes bored with his usual tricks and doesn’t show much interest in him. 

One day Mob meets an esper called Arataka Reigen who becomes Mob’s mentor and teaches him to control his powers.

However, Reigen’s motive was to exploit Mob’s immaturity and use him to gain more fame around him. Mob and Reigen come across various other challenges and supernatural incidents where they both use their powers to overcome them. 

This leads to Reigen becoming popular and his motive being served. Mob also fulfills his wishes of controlling his power and learning to use it when necessary.

Mob Psycho has multiple similarities to One Punch Man as they were both written by the same author. Mob Psycho has intense action scenes and great comedy which will keep you entertained till the end.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia focuses on a world mostly filled with superhumans who possess powers called Quirks. Ordinary human beings who do not possess quirk powers are looked down upon and discriminated against for their normal human nature.

The superheroes as usual fight off supervillains and ward them off from taking control of the world. The superheroes also have a superiority complex and frown upon normal people.

In this world filled with superiority complex lives a boy called Izuku Midoriya. He’s the protagonist of this anime and is an ordinary boy who studies in a high school and does not have any quirk powers. 

Although Izuku is ‘quirkless’ he dreams of becoming the most powerful superhero like his idol All Might. For his childish dreams, Izuku gets bullied by other students in his school.

However, one day Izuku’s life takes a vast turn when he meets his all-time favorite superhero All Might. All Might transfers all of his quirks to Izuku and takes him as his successor. 

With so much unlimited power, Izuku is clueless as to what he’s going to do with his power. Hence, he decides to join a famous school called My Hero Academia where students are taught to fight crime with their powers.

If you loved One Punch Man you’ll definitely love My Hero Academia. This show has mind-blowing action scenes and subtle comedy that gives you a great laugh.

Death Note

Death Note is regarded as one of the best anime of all time and is also my personal favorite. The story focuses on a high school student named Light Yagami who’s the protagonist of this show.

Light stumbles upon an eerie black notebook which is called Death Note. Light learns that the Death Note has supernatural powers and when a name of a person written on the book can kill them instantly if the writer has seen the person’s face. 

Light tests the book by writing a name of a criminal and as the criminal dies instantaneously he becomes alarmed by it. He then realizes that he’s invincible due to the possession of the Death Note. 

He continues to write the name of criminals with the intention to eliminate corruption and crime worldwide. 

Light also grows a superiority complex and thinks people should worship him like a god. However, police and a detective called L track down Light and find him for being responsible for all the killings.

Light also meets Ryuk who’s a death god and the original owner of the Death Note. Ryuk states to have dropped the book in the human realm out of boredom to check what someone would do if they possessed such power.

Although Death Note doesn’t feature any comedic scenes, it portrays the idea of what one might do with unlimited power just like how Saitama in One Punch man became bored of his abilities.

Assassination Classroom

This is a science fiction comedic anime that revolves around a space alien. The alien is huge and has tentacles which makes it quite invincible.

The story begins when the alien-like creature appears out of the blue and demolishes 70% of the moon and leaves it to remain in the shape of a crescent. 

After destroying the moon, the alien warns humanity that it will destroy Earth next but provides humanity a chance to prevent the annihilation. 

The alien decides to work as a homeroom teacher in class 3E in Kunugigaoka Junior High School. There he teaches the students their regular school lessons and also the ways of assassinating him in order to save the planet. 

The students named the alien Koro-sensei which means unkillable teacher. Meanwhile, the government of Japan pledges a reward of 10 billion for anyone who succeeds in assassinating the alien.

Although the alien teaches the students about assassination methods, the alien is quite invincible to tackle. The alien possesses various powers like visual cloning, flying at a speed of Mach 20, and is also able to regenerate. 

The students have also developed likeness towards him because he helped them achieve high grades and other skills necessary for their future careers.

However, situations get complex when other assassins come to kill Koro-Sensei in order to obtain the reward money.

Assassination Classroom has some great comedy like One Punch Man. With interesting plot twists, this show is bound to have you enthralled till the end.

Bobobo- Bo Bo- Bobo

If you’re a fan of the comedy in One Punch Man then you’ll love this anime too. Even the name of the anime, Bobobo, would give you a laugh. The events in this anime take place in a fictional world where the year is 300X.

The whole world is under the tyrannical rule of Tsuru Tsurulina IV who’s the emperor of the Maruhage Empire. The troops of this tyrannical ruler go about causing havoc in innocent peoples’ lives which includes capturing innocent people and shaving all their hair. Hence, the troops are named Hair Hunt troops.

The Hair Hunt troops would also ruin the homes of the people and trouble them. Having had enough with the atrocities of the troops a man called Bobobo- Bo Bo- Bobo stands against them. Bobo has a unique yet strange power to combat the troublesome troops. 

He uses his nose hair which has fists to punch anyone in his way. He puts together a team of rebels who also possess weird abilities to fight the evil troops. 

The team includes three members such as Beauty who’s a normal teen girl, Heppokomaru/Gasser a smelly warrior, and Don Patch/Poppa Rocks who’s the Hajike Leader.

You’re in for a hilarious and entertaining ride if you watch this anime. The characters in this show are humorous and the comedy is very unique.

Best Anime Like One Punch Man: FAQs

Is One Punch Man the best anime ever?

One Punch Man is considered one of the best anime ever with its lovable characters, unique comedy, and profound action scenes which aligns well with Naruto.

Who is stronger One Punch Man or Goku?

Goku is a million times stronger than One Punch Man as Goku takes work out seriously and practices intense martial arts.

Who can beat Saitama?

Saitama is the protagonist of One Punch Man and is also one of the most powerful anime characters. Goku from Naruto and All Might from My Hero Academia might stand a chance against Saitama with their superpowers. 

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