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10 Anime To Watch If You Liked Neon Genesis Evangelion 2024

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If you enjoyed watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, you’ll love this list of Anime To Watch If You Liked Neon Genesis Evangelion

It’s one of the best anime to be ever made that even after two decades no other anime has made an equal impact. The storyline of this mecha anime introduces a post-apocalyptic world where Tokyo is a futuristic city.

Anime Like Neon Genesis Evangelion: Quick Summary

Best Anime Like Neon Genesis Evangelion Genre Editor’s Rating
Darling In The Franxx Mecha Anime, Romance 7.5/10
Code Geass Mecha Anime, Action, Adventure 8/10
Attack On Titan Action, Dark Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic Fiction 9/10
RahXephon Action, Adventure, Romance 7/10
Ergo Proxy Adventure, Psychological Thriller, Post Apocalyptic Fiction 8/10

Anime To Watch If You Liked Neon Genesis Evangelion

Devilman: Crybaby

Devilman: Crybaby” is an animated series from Netflix that has gained much attention due to its origin story’s relation to the classic “Neon Genesis Evangelion” anime.

The anime reboot Devilman: Crybaby is centered around the protagonist, Akira Fudou, a teenager who is gifted with the power to shrug away the spirit of Devils inhabiting in the bodies of humans. 

The series is set in modern day and follows Akira as he explores a world that is in chaos due to supernatural forces.

Akira is warned by his best friend Ryo Asuka that in order to save the world, he must form a pact with a demon and gain the ability to fight against the devils which threaten the world. 

Despite being scared and hesitant, Akira ultimately accepts the challenge and with the help of his friends, he embarks on a journey to destroy the devils and protect humanity. 

The anime does an excellent job of capturing the tension and suspense of the ongoing fight between the devils and Akira. 

Emotions throughout the series range from joy, despair, and adrenaline-filled exhilaration as Akira and his friends triumph over each obstacle. The animation itself is breathtaking and accentuates the show’s atmosphere.

The series does a marvelous job at linking back to its source material, “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, with interpretations of characters and emotions such as of the original protagonist Asuka as well as the way in which conflicts are approached and resolved. 

For example, in the original anime, a lot of intense scenes are conveyed through dialogue and big plots, but in Devilman: Crybaby, intense episodes are brought across through the action sequences and the animation which emphasize the characters onscreen. 

All in all, Devilman: Crybaby is a captivating reboot of the original “Neon Genesis Evangelion” which has an incredible sense of art, animation, and storytelling. 

The series succeeds in delivering a dark and intense story while emphasizing the importance of friendship, hope, and humanity. 

For fans of the classic “Neon Genesis Evangelion” anime, “Devilman: Crybaby” is, without a doubt, an anime worth checking out.


Mononoke is a classic anime series that should not be overlooked when thinking of seminal anime to watch if you are a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The setting of Mononoke is placed in the Edo period of Japan, and follows the story of a wandering Medicine Seller, who visits various sites of horror and sadness to help resolve spiritual confusions and paranormal hauntings. 

The search for these spirits and his efforts to help any townsfolk he encounters showcases the ambition and innately heroic nature of the nameless protagonist.

In many ways, Mononoke shares a similar avant-garde presentation with Neon Genesis Evangelion, with its excellent use of music, fantastical creatures, and its belief in the power of the imagination in driving its eccentric elements. 

However, its setting and its use of traditional animation rendering is a curiosity in and of itself. The archaic looking character designs, classic Edo period scenarios, and ambient atmosphere of Mononoke are a tribute to the great skill of its animation. 

Mononoke is a captivating anime series for any fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Its story is intriguing, captivating, and deals with some mature themes. 

Mononoke is a classic anime series deserving of the credit it deserves. It is an incredible example of how ambitious storytelling, captivating characters, and carefully crafted animation can create a work of art capable of being enjoyed by people of all different backgrounds and experiences. 

It is a testament to the sheer joy of watching anime, and is a show anyone should experience at least once.

Code Geass

If you’re looking for an anime that has the same thrilling robot fights and post-apocalyptic world that you found in Neon Genesis Evangelion, then you should try watching Code Geass.

This popular anime packs all the same punch as Neon Genesis Evangelion, but with an entirely unique and dynamic story all its own.

The show follows Lelouch, the exiled prince of an empire and the son of the emperor.

Cursed with a power that grants him an immense genius and strategic insights, Lelouch uses his newfound gift to form a revolutionary army against his imperial oppressors while leading his own double life as the masked vigilante, Zero. 

This adventure into rebellion and redemption also features some of the most intense and epic robot fights ever to be seen in an anime series, rivaling that of the fights in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Anime To Watch If You Liked Neon Genesis Evangelion

However, Code Geass also provides much deeper story elements along with its incredible mech fights.

A number of fascinating characters and subplots also exist to further the show’s broiling story and intense action.

By the end, you’ll be on the edge of your seat wanting more and wishing for everything to turn out alright for all of the characters intertwined in the revolution. 

What really makes Code Geass standout from other mecha shows is how focused it is on its main characters.

In each episode, Lelouch's actions and thoughts are explored as he struggles with his identity as a prince and revolutionary. All of the show's many eccentric characters are also brought front and center by relevant and engaging subplots.

If you’re looking for something to satisfy your craving for robotic fight scenes, but don’t again want Neon Genesis Evangelion, Code Geass is an excellent way to experience the same level of post-apocalyptic action, but with its own unique twist.

With its engaging story, characters, and its amazing mecha fights, Code Geass is sure to be an anime that you won’t soon forget.


Akira is a sci-fi anime classic that has been around since the late 80s, and is often cited as one of the go-to comparatives when talk of a show like Neon Genesis Evangelion arises.

Set in 2021 after Third World War, Akira follows the story of Tetsuo, a member of a motorcycle gang in Neo-Tokyo, who is eventually taken into a top-secret government project uncovering supernatural powers of the human mind.

The swirling, vibrant colour palettes and intense music draws viewers into a post-apocalyptic world of destruction and desolation as Tetsuo and his friends battle against a government conspiracy and other gangs to save humankind from ruin. 

As muscular, colourful characters engage in violent, exhilarating battles and robotic monsters in the background add a layer of sci-fi to the narrative, it's one of the most captivating anime viewed to date.

At its core, Akira is about a boy coming to terms with immense power and how a ragtag team of brash riders attempt to manipulate and restrain these destructive forces within him. 

It’s an allegory to many of the issues we see in Japan today, as Tetsuo searches for purpose in a world of violence and corruption. Themes of revenge, power, and desire often come up, making this a story that isn’t just about biker gangs.

The animation brings to life a dark, brooding atmosphere that thrills viewers, keeping them on their toes wondering what'll happen next. Even the segues between scenes are done in a way that adds to the overall atmosphere. 

The artstyle and quality remain impressive for a story that's several decades old and much of the imagery has been used in other anime.

Darling In The Franxx

This anime features a dystopian post-apocalyptic city where human civilization is on the brink of extinction. In this environment, adults and children live separately. Adults live in a technologically advanced city and have immortal lives.

The adults are almost emotionless and have no desire for each other and procreation is absolutely nil. 

Meanwhile, the children are born in artificial wombs and are called ‘parasites’. The only purpose of the parasites is to pilot Franxx which are giant robots that help defend humanity from huge monstrous creatures called Klaxosaurs.

The parasites reside in an isolated environment called bird cages and have short life spans. A male parasite is called a stamen and a female parasite is referred to as a pistil. Parasites are paired into stamen and pistil to operate a Franxx. 

The protagonist of this anime is a parasite male named Hiro who’s an ex-pilot candidate. Hiro and nine other people get assigned to an experimental squad to operate the Franxx. 

While in the squad Hiro finds it unable to synchronize with his partner to operate the Franxx and hence they both fail the training exam.

After Hiro skips the squad’s graduation ceremony, Hiro comes across Zero Two who’s a highly qualified Franxx pilot. Zero Two is a female parasite that has Klaxosaur blood and other diabolical features like red horns. 

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan features a world where humans live in a city that is surrounded by enormous walls to protect themselves from the giant humanoids. These humanoids are called Titans and they feed on human flesh. 

This anime revolves around a boy called Eren Yeager who lives in a town known as Shiganshina.

The walls in his city are breached by two titans who destroy his city and eat his mother. He promises to destroy all titans and avenge the death of his mother.

Attack On Titan

To fulfill his promise he joins the military with his childhood friends, Mikasa and Armin. He decides to join the Survey Corps in the military which is a special force that operates to prevent the titans from entering through the walls. 

Five years after Eren joins the military, another titan attacked the wall and the Survey Corps rush to defend their city. During this event, Eren learns that he has a strange ability that helps him to turn into a titan. When the Survey Corps realize Eren’s power they plan to use him for their benefit. 

They help Eren to learn to control his power and build the demolished walls. During his learning process in the military, he comes across a female military officer called Annie Leonhart who also has the ability to turn into a titan.

Will Eren be able to use his new power for good and avenge his mother’s death? Watch Attack On Titan to find out more. Although this isn’t a mecha anime it has the aspect of saving humanity from a deadly threat.


RahXephon is anime series directed by Yutaka Izubuchi. The storyline of this anime is about how Tokyo is invaded by multi-dimensional beings called Mulians.

The Mulians or Mu have similar aspects of humans and are visually indifferent to humans. The only way to identify a Mu is with their genetic marker which is called the Mu Phase. 

This is the phase when Mu become mature and their blood turns blue and they begin to suffer from memory loss revealing their true identity.


The story begins with Mu cities floating above Tokyo and a war escalates between Mu and humans causing Tokyo and its suburbs to be covered with a barrier. After the barrier covers Tokyo, it’s renamed, Tokyo Jupiter. 

The barrier has a time dilating effect that causes the time in Tokyo to pass slower than the rest of the world. This allowed the Mu to take control of Tokyo and execute their secret operations. 

The protagonist of this anime is a teen boy called Ayato Kamina. Ayata has a mecha called RahXephon which he can control. Ayato’s fate changes when Tokyo falls to the Mu. 

Will humanity survive in Tokyo Jupiter? Watch RahXephon to know what happened next. This mecha anime will make you feel like watching a sequel of Neon Genesis as it both have so much to relate with.

Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy features a post-apocalyptic dystopian future after Earth was faced with an ecological disaster. In the city of Romdeau there are homes built in the shape of domes. 

Living in these domes are humans and androids called AutoRiev who coexist peacefully. The humans living in the domed cities are unable to reproduce naturally and hence babies are grown in artificial wombs. 

Ergo Proxy

Situations in Romdeau get tense when the androids become affected by a virus called Cogito which causes them to become self-aware. This causes the androids to massacre humans brutally. 

These events concern the government of the Romdeau city and they begin to conduct secret experiments on humanoid beings called Proxy. The Proxies are immortal beings and they are the only key to human survival. 

The protagonist of this anime series is a woman called Rayer. She’s assigned to investigate the murders committed by her AutoRiev partner Iggy. 

She learns about mysterious events about the Proxies and also faces many challenges.

Similar to Neon Genesis, this anime looks upon the aspect of human survival from other deadly threats.

Best Anime Like Neon Genesis Evangelion: FAQs

What anime should I watch if I like Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Some of the anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion are Darling In The Franxx, Code Geass, Attack On Titan, RahXephon, Ergo Proxy.

How many episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion are there?

There are 26 episodes in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Why is Neon Genesis Evangelion popular?

Neon Genesis is quite popular for its action scenes between the mechas and Angels and its story plot which attracted several fans for the show.

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