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7 Anime Like Demon Slayer You Have To Watch After You Finish Demon Slayer

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Loved demon slayer anime? Here are 6 anime like demon slayer that you’ll absolutely love. Check it out!

Demon Slayer is a very popular anime movie that shook the anime world with its intriguing characters, unique storyline, and thrilling plots. I’m a huge fan of the Demon Slayer anime and I can’t stop watching it repeatedly. It’s arguably one of the best anime of all time.

The storyline of Demon Slayer introduces a teenage boy called Tanjirou Kamado who returns home only to find out that his family was brutally massacred by demons. Fortunately enough, his sister is still alive but she might turn into a demon if he doesn’t save her. 

Tanjirou decides to become a demon slayer to save his sister and also to avenge the death of his parents. The movie has a very unique concept and anime enthusiasts can’t get enough of it. 

Are you looking for anime like Demon Slayer? Then read further to find out some of the interesting anime that’ll have you attracted in no time

Anime like Demon Slayer -- Quick Summary.

Anime Genre Editor’s Rating
Inuyasha Adventure, Fantasy 8.5/10
Fire Force Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi 9/10
Blue Exorcist Adventure, Dark Fantasy 8/10
Castlevania Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Horror 8.5/10
Dororo Action, Dark Fantasy,  7/10
Black Butler Dark Comedy, Dark Fantasy, Supernatural Fiction 7.5/10

Top Anime Like Demon Slayer 


Inuyasha is a television series that was initially released in the early 2000s. The storyline is about a 15 years old girl known as Kagome Higurashi who resides in an ancient Japanese shrine. 

Kagome is the reincarnation of a prehistoric priestess called Kikyo who was the guardian of the holy Jewel of Four Souls or the Shin Jewel. Kikyo protected the sacred jewel from a half-dog demon called Inuyasha, who sought the jewel to turn into a full demon.

As Kagome reminisces her past life she befriends Kikyo’s sister Kaede. They come under attack and Kagome realizes the Shin Jewel is inside her body. In an attempt to take it out, she accidentally awakens Inuyasha. 

He fights her and tries to obtain the Shin Jewel but he quickly comes under the magic spell of Kaede. This lets Kagome control Inuyasha. However, Kagome drops the Shin Jewel and breaks it into shards.

Kagome and Inuyasha team up to find the shards and fix the jewel before another deadly being finds it. However, they come across OniGumo who also seeks the Shin Jewel to become powerful and unstoppable. 

Will Kagome and Inuyasha succeed in finding the Shin Jewel before Oni Gumo? To find out watch all the episodes of Inuyasha. It has similar aspects to Demon Slayer as the protagonists try to prevent the demons from being powerful.

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Fire Force

Fire Force is another anime series that’s very much similar to Demon Slayer. In this anime, the storyline introduces a plague which is called the Spontaneous Human Combustion. 

This plague is spread by demons who possess humans and burn the human body which turns the humans into beings called Infernals. It sounds similar to a zombie bite but the scenes in this anime of people burning up are quite dark and tragic.

The only people who are immune to this plague are scientists, military personnel, and church workers. 

Hence, they are called Pyrokinetics, and they have the fighting abilities using fire which helps them fight back demons.

The protagonist of this show is Shinra Kusakabe who tragically lost his mother and brother to a deadly fire accident. Shinra has superpowers that help him bring about the fire from his feet. 

He decides to join the Fire Force company to learn about the Spontaneous Human Combustion and to fight the demons who harm innocent people. He teams up with many characters on his journey to fight the demons.

Fire Force is packed with interesting characters like Infernals, Pyrokinetics, and normal humans, etc. It’s going to surprise you with multiple plot twists and superb action scenes.

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Blue Exorcist

 Blue Exorcist also has the concept of humans vs demons similar to the Demon Slayer. It’s an anime series that has 2 seasons with a total of 40 episodes. The protagonist of this series is a young boy called Rin Okumura who’s raised by a priest called Shiro Fujimoto. 

Rin is a mischievous teenager who gets attacked by a group of demons out of the blue. He then discovers that he’s no ordinary boy but the offspring of the demon lord Satan himself who resides in Gehenna.

Satan’s plans are to conquer the world of Assiah, the world where human beings live. He tries to execute his plans by possessing human beings and getting hold of Assiah. 

He’s unable to do this because he could not find an ideal host to possess. This led Satan to send his son to Assiah so that he could grow and become powerful enough to conquer Assiah. 

However, Rin’s plans clash with his biological father as he’s grateful to the world he grew up in. He decides to fight his father by joining the True Cross Academy in order to become an exorcist. 

Rin faces obstacles along the way as the King of Earth, Amaimon figures out that he’s the son of Satan. Will Rin succeed in defeating his father? Watch Blue Exorcist and find out what happened next.

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This is an anime series that showcases the presence of demonic and vampiric creatures in medieval times. The storyline revolves around Vlad Tepes who’s also called Dracula is angered by the death of his wife Lisa Tepes. 

She was falsely accused of being a witch by the bishops and was burned at the stake. To avenge the death of his wife, Dracula casts horror upon the citizens of Wallachia by unleashing an army of demons. 

Then the story focuses on a character called Trevor Belmont who’s a drunkard. He meets a tribe of monks called The Speakers in the town of Gresit. Trevor saves the granddaughter of the tribe’s leader Sypha who’s a magician. 

The duo then goes on to team up with Dracula’s son Alucard who’s against his father’s ideology. Castlevania has similar aspects to Demon Slayer as the heroes team up to fight against demonic beings.

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This is a TV series that features a samurai called Daigo Kagemitsu who’s greedy for power. The land which Daigo lives in becomes lifeless and dry and he goes on to make a deal with demons. 

The demons answered his prayers and offered him great power to rule the land and also made the land prosper. But this comes with a price Daigo must pay the demons. Daigo let the demons roam around and wreak havoc in the village.

Daigo, later on, has a son called Hyakkimaru who was born without a face, limbs, or skin. He abandoned the newborn in the river who was found and raised by an alchemist. He used his healing magic and gave a new form to the boy. 

He grew up to be a strong and powerful man and he was given a sword by his foster father. He later learns that he was cursed as a child and he could reclaim the parts of his body by killing the demons responsible for his deformity.

On his quest to slaughter demons, Hyakkimaru comes across a young boy thief called Dororo. They both unite together to fight the demons and save their lands from the demon infestation. 

Eventually, as Hyakkimaru regains his eyes he finds out that Dororo is in fact a girl. The series has beautiful scenes and also teaches an important lesson on how to be confident in life.

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Black Butler

This is a very interesting anime from the rest as it has a comedic aspect. The story focuses on the Victorian period where a boy called Ciel Phantomhive was abducted by people who murdered his family and destroyed his home. 

They sold him to a cult that kills children in order to summon a devil. When Ciel was going to be sacrificed a demon appeared to save him from the cult members and makes a contract with him.

The demon then shapeshifts into a butler and befriends Ciel. Although their bond grows stronger they both throw tantrums at each other which is quite funny. The chemistry between them is very much enthralling. 

Black Butler is interesting to watch and you can experience fascinating scenes. Unlike Demon Slayer and the rest of the anime listed here, Black Butler has the aspect of how a human can be friends with a demon.


Bleach is an action-adventure sub-genre anime. It was adapted from Tite Kubo’s manga. This anime has 366 episodes in which we see the main character Ichigo transforming into a Soul Reaper and his evolution into a hunter.

It's now ichigo's responsibility to find and stop Hollows. Hollows are evil spirits that feed on human souls.

Bleach has an amazing story arc and character growth arc as well. This action-packed anime will keep you hooked through and through!

Best Anime Like Demon Slayer: FAQs

What anime is Demon Slayer inspired by?

Demon Slayer is inspired by several anime like Naruto, Bleach, and mainly Gintama.

What anime should I watch if I like Demon Slayer?

There are countless anime you can watch that’s like Demon Slayer. Some of the popular ones are Inuyasha, Dororo, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, etc.

Will Demon Slayer have a season 2?

Demon Slayer is confirmed to return for a second season in 2021.

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